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The Chemistry Minor

The chemistry minor is designed to give students a deeper appreciation of chemistry and its varied applications. A minor in chemistry is an excellent opportunity for mathematics, biology, or other majors to take additional upper-level courses in chemistry and discover how chemistry relates to your major discipline. Earning a chemistry minor prepares you for a variety of careers in the sciences. The chemistry minor will supplement your major with additional hands-on skills to make you more marketable to industry. In addition, graduate schools will appreciate the additional course-work in advanced chemical topics and the experiences and knowledge gained from those classes will improve your success in professional schools.

The chemistry minor consists of 18 hours of chemistry. These 18 hours include 6 hours of organic chemistry (CHEM 2411 and CHEM 2412) and 12 hours of upper-level chemistry electives of the student's choice. For a list of acceptable electives see the chemistry minor curriculum worksheet below.

Minor Curriculum Worksheet

Chemistry minor (catalog years 2006 and later)


Course descriptions for all chemistry courses can be found in the academic catalog.

The schedule of chemistry courses offered each semester can be found on the Chemistry Major information page.

How to Declare a Chemistry Minor

To declare a chemistry minor, you must complete the Change/Addition of a Minor form found on the Registrar's webpage under Forms. Complete this form and return it to the Department of Chemistry and Physics in Lakeview Discovery and Science Center, Suite 235.