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Combined Degree

B.A. / M.A. Program

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Fast track your future by earning a combined B.A. / M.A. in as little as five years.  This new degree option at Clayton State allows you to earn a Bachelor's Degree in English and a Master's Degree in Liberal Studies with an English concentration within a five-year period.

To earn a Combined Degree, you complete four years of undergraduate coursework in English followed by a fifth-year graduate concentration in Liberal Studies. The "4+1" approach means that you complete both degree programs at an accelerated pace, saving you both time and money.

Give yourself a competitive advantage in the job market or prepare yourself for further academic pursuits with this innovative program!

Combined Degree Plan

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Process and Statement of Intent

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Contact Information

Mary Lamb Chair of the Department of English

(678) 466-4706

Susan Copeland Director of M.A.L.S.

(678) 466-4744

Barbara Goodman Coordinator of Combined Degree

(678) 466-4711