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English Education

English B.A. with an English Education Concentration

English Education Degree Program Sequence

Program Overview & Outcomes

The English BA program at Clayton State offers three tracks that serve different populations of students: literature, writing, and secondary English education. Students awarded this degree find careers in journalism, editing, business communication, public relations, technical or professional writing, teaching, and other fields. While the English Education degree leads to teaching, the main objectives of the writing and literature tracks are as follows.

Program Outcomes

  • to enhance preparation of students for graduate study (English, technical/professional writing, comparative literature, library science, and other related fields)
  • to prepare students for certain professional schools (law, divinity, and others)
  • to provide content/discipline foundation for careers in media, public relations, writing/editing, and others
  • to enhance students’ critical thinking skills through detailed, intensive analysis and evaluation of texts and other research materials
  • to improve students’ research and writing skills to levels of excellence expected of English majors

Contact Information

For advisement and questions about the the Teacher Education program, please contact:

  • Dr. Patricia Smith, Coordinator of MAT English Education and Undergraduate English 466-4730

For advisement and general questions about the English program at Clayton State, please contact: