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About Dr. Melanie Poudevigne, FACSM, CMPC


She earned a Bachelor of Science in Coaching & Performance and two Masters of Science in Sports Training, Performance, and Administration of Sports from Paris University, France and in Sport Management from Georgia Southern University, USA. She completed a first year of Doctoral Studies in Human Performance, Adaptations and Sports with an emphasis in Environmental Exercise Physiology from Marseille University,  and a Doctor of Philosophy in Psycho-biology & Exercise from the University of Georgia.

Her scientific research has focused on the promotion and management of health using her knowledge, skills and abilities acquired for the past 20 years in physiology, sociology and psychology, especially as it relates to the effects of physical activity and sport performance on mental health, fatigue, and pain in clients with chronic diseases or in the competitive setting.  Melanie has conducted and published research related to the effects of exercise on feelings of fatigue in cancer survivors, psychological outcomes associated with exercise during and after pregnancy, and the effects of different exercise interventions in school settings to fight childhood obesity.  Melanie has published over a dozen scientific papers and published two DVDs for smoking cessation and exercise during pregnancy.

Her professional work experience includes teaching in programs around the world on mental health and exercise, serving the American College of Sports Medicine as a Fellow and consulting for CoAES and the ACSM international certification. Melanie is also a consultant for the American Association of Sport Psychologists. She received her training in New York City, NY under the mentorship of Dr. Ingalls. Melanie has worked as the Institutional Review Board Chair  and implemented its first committee at CSU in order to allow faculty to do research  with special populations. She is currently partnering with The University of West Indies Biochemistry Program to examine the relationship between psychological and physiological markers in the athletic Jamaican youth. She supervises graduate students around the world

While directing the health & fitness management programs, Melanie is focusing on also teaching all aspects of health management by incorporating her knowledge in conducting study abroad programs looking at global health.  She has developed a strong interest in leveraging her scientific research background to help inform policy and administrative processes . During her time abroad, she has helped evaluate foreign countries' health institutes in Brazil, Ireland, Jamaica, and France on strategic plan and grant initiatives. She is currently the author and recipient of multiple public health grants. She also consults from her private practice in Grant Park in Exercise, Health and Sports Psychology.

 Dr. Poudevigne can be reached at +1-678-466-4937 or mpoudevigne@clayton.edu



Office Hours


Office Hours

Spring 2018:  Monday until 4pm or mpoudevigne@clayton.edu for appointment 

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