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Taylor Foundation Establishes Annual Scholarships

by Thomas Giffin

Since 1974, Marcia Taylor has been building her family-owned transportation and logistics company into a global corporation with annual revenue in excess of $260 million. Luckily, for Clayton State University students, while creating her vastly successful business she also instilled a philosophy that, “Giving back should be a part of any successful organization.”

According to a recent announcement, The Taylor Family Foundation has awarded a grant of $10,000 to the Clayton State University Foundation to support four upperclassmen majoring in Supply Chain Management at Clayton State.

“The Taylor Family Foundation and Bennett International Group are proud to partner with Clayton State University and the College of Business by making these funds available to students so that they may continue their educational dreams,” stated Lynette Alt, Vice President of Bennett and the Administrator for the Taylor Family Foundation in McDonough, Georgia. “The annual scholarships continue a tradition established by Mrs. Taylor and Bennett International Group to be actively involved in the communities in which we operate.” 

Over 40 years ago, Mrs. Taylor and her late husband, J.D. Garrison, purchased a small trucking operation, George Bennett Motor Express. After Mr. Garrison’s passing, Mrs. Taylor guided that same firm, now called Bennett International Group, to a corporation consisting of 11 companies that employ 670 people around the world. Mrs. Taylor has attributed much of her drive, her professional success, and her centered religious beliefs to humble beginnings on a farm in southern Illinois.

“Bennett operates daily according to our Core Values… principals that permeate every area of the business including decision making by management. They are the same values I learned very early in life,” Mrs. Taylor recently stated.  “So many of my family members – and my extended professional family members – have worked hard to gain respect in the industry.”

According to Clayton State University’s President Dr. Tim Hynes, “The announcement from the Taylor Family Foundation is a fitting synopsis of Mrs. Taylor’s actions over the last several decades.”

“These funds are a result of a ‘determined spirit,’ which Mrs. Taylor has displayed throughout her lifetime,” Dr. Hynes said. “This is exactly the determined spirit that we see so often in today’s Clayton State students. The Taylor Family Foundation’s support connects Mrs. Taylor’s values with the scholarship process at Clayton State, and will serve as a benchmark for all who believe that a quality education changes lives.”

John Mascaritolo is the Director of the Supply Chain Management program at Clayton State, one of the university’s newest and fastest growing majors.

“This generous gift from the Taylor Family Foundation expresses confidence in our students and our faculty, and quite frankly is simply humbling when you are aware of its origins” Mr. Mascaritolo stated.  “We are all very familiar with what Mrs. Taylor has accomplished personally and professionally, and to now be a part of the list of organizations in our community that are recognized by the Taylor Family Foundation is indeed a milestone for our program.”

Four Supply Chain Management upper-class students will immediately benefit from the Marcia Taylor Family Foundation Annual Scholarships, and according to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, the relatively new Clayton State program and the brand new Taylor Scholarships come at a critical time in a growing field.

“With global operations becoming more complex, companies in manufacturing, retail and technology – and the consulting firms that service them – are scrambling to hire people with supply chain expertise. But these experts are hard to come by,” the Journal article stated in June.

Clayton State’s Supply Chain Management program provides a broad based general business education that prepares students for careers in operations, transportation, warehousing, purchasing, and logistics. The broad base teaching at Clayton State fits perfectly into Mrs. Taylor’s long-standing philosophy.

“I have always advised my employees to learn everything they can about their chosen field… so as to make themselves invaluable to the company and to their communities,” Mrs. Taylor stated.

Bennett International Group’s corporate motto is, “Your Highway to the World.” Thanks to Marcia Taylor and the Taylor Family Foundation, students majoring in Supply Chain Management at Clayton State University know just how much this global company truly does care.