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Minor Information

A minor in health and fitness will prepare students by providing coursework that is aimed primarily at any students who would like to pursue one of the three following tracks: Public Health or Exercise Science or Fitness Industry

The Minor features three individual program tracks each consisting of various upper-division courses. The program prepares students for advanced studies in related disciplines as well as career opportunities in the expanding fields of public health, exercise and health science, and fitness management.

Completing a minor offers students a cohesive supplement to their major, reflecting well rounded interests and course of study. In addition, minors often help students to structure their choice of elective units as they fulfill degree requirements. Upon completion of the degree and meeting of all conditions, the minor will be listed on the diploma and posted on the official transcript.

The three tracks are:

  1. Public Health: Students in this track will focus on concepts related to personal health and fitness and disease prevention, with a special emphasis on identifying behaviors that promote health and fitness, prevent disease and reduce health risks. Students will analyze the impact of culture, media technology and other factors on health and fitness.
  2. Exercise Science: students interested in exploring the physiological changes produced by exercise and how they contribute to health and reduction of disease and stress. The minor is for individuals interested in Physical Therapy school, health promotion and pursuing graduate study in Exercise Science or related fields.
  3. Fitness Industry: Students interested in pursuing a management career can gain exposure to specific knowledge, skills and abilities associated with managing health and fitness facilities in a variety of settings including health clubs, corporate fitness programs, community based programs, and fitness facilities located within hotels, resorts and spas.

Check the Minor in Health & Fitness requirements:

Students can add the HFMG minor by logging into the DUCK to request addition of a minor. The addition of the minor will be approved by the department.

For more information: Contact your Professional Advisor.