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Department of Humanities

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The Department of Humanities is a multidisciplinary unit composed of dedicated, talented and award-winning * faculty whose mission is to cultivate awareness of and sensitivity to the ideas and values characterizing human discourse, thought, experience and achievement. We provide leadership for the University’s commitment to teaching students critical and creative thinking, analytical reading and listening, as well as world languages and information-gathering skills.

Studying the humanities turns students into analytically sound, critical and discriminating thinkers, who are aware of the cultural, political, and economic issues shaping our world. The Department offers a diverse and technology-enhanced curriculum that encourages open-minded and informed consideration of the human tradition and the many beliefs, histories, and words of our collective cultural heritage.

Critical thinking, collaboration, communication, problem solving, leadership, adaptability, diversity, intercultural competence, multilingualism and empathy — those are the skills we teach. Those are the skills employers want. That’s who we are. There is no such thing as a starving humanist. Our graduates are employed in all kinds of jobs in all kinds of fields, and they are creating successful careers based on what they learned in our Department. And we reach across campus to bring these humanities-based skills to students in other disciplines.

We exist for the transmission of knowledge, the pursuit of intellectual rigor, the cultivation of scholarship, the development of multicultural awareness, the advancement of free inquiry and free expression, and the general well-being of society. Together, we teach introductory and advanced courses in the areas of History, Philosophy, World Languages, and Humanities, with a B.A. in History, a B.A. in History and Secondary Education, a B.A. in Philosophy and minors in Philosophy, French and Spanish.

As Humanities faculty, we are devoted to our students, and we are passionately involved in scholarly research and in meaningful service to the profession, to the University and to the larger community.

*Dr. Todd Janke named 2010 Alice Smith Faculty Award Winner and The College of Arts & Sciences 2010 Teacher of the Year.

Dr. Joe Johnson named The College of Arts & Sciences 2010 Scholar of the Year.

Dr. Alex Hall named The College of Arts & Sciences 2012 Scholar of the Year.

Dr. Christopher Ward named The College of Arts & Sciences 2018 Scholar of the Year.

Dr. Jelani M. Favors named The College of Arts & Sciences 2020 Scholar of the Year.


Dr. Adam L. Tate
Chair, Department of Humanities
G-210 Arts & Sciences Bldg
(678) 466-4809

Sherree Buchanon
Administrative Assistant
Department of Humanities
G-210 Arts & Sciences Bldg
(678) 466-4890