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Department of Humanities


Graduates of the program will demonstrate the following:

1. A command of the history of philosophical thought—including major movements, ideas, and figures.

2. The ability to place significant philosophical movements within their respective philosophical and historical contexts.

3. The ability to write clearly, concisely, and persuasively in a philosophical/critical mode, utilizing the canonical tools of the philosophical tradition—clear exposition and logically persuasive analysis and argumentation

4. An aptitude for philosophical dialogue and debate.

5. The ability to present difficult philosophical material, through lecture and presentation, to a large and diverse audience.

6. The skills necessary for dealing efficiently and effectively with novel problems in all areas of human endeavor—clarity of thought and expression and creativity in finding and proposing solutions.




Sustainable Happiness

"Jobs come and go, physical beauty fades, markets rise and fall. Even close relationships can end. But the benefits of philosophy last a lifetime."