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Integrative Studies Program 

Program Description

The Integrative Studies program allows students to create an individualized curriculum composed of courses and experiences, which meet their individual career needs. This approach is different from many traditional, discipline-based baccalaureate programs which are designed in part to prepare students for advanced work in a specific academic discipline — a major in history or biology, for example. This flexibility enables students to develop academic plans that meet the ever-changing requirements of the world of work. But, it also requires careful planning. Students should clarify their career or learning goals as they begin designing the components of their program. The bachelor’s degree in Integrative Studies offers preparation for students planning to attend graduate school in many disciplines and professions. Students may earn either a baccalaureate degree by completing a planned program of 120 semester credit hours or an associate's degree upon the completion of Areas A-F of the Core Curriculum.

Target Audience

While this degree program is open to all qualified students, it has been designed principally to meet the higher education needs of the following two specific groups of students:

  1. Non-traditional students who are already in the workplace but need a baccalaureate degree to advance in their current career. Consultation with employers or supervisors will help students identify career needs which will form the basis for the design of an individualized curriculum.
  2. Traditional students with clear academic or career goals who are open to and interested in novel ways of organizing an undergraduate experience which draws on the multiple resources of current distance learning opportunities, courses available through other institutions within the Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education (ARCHE), and opportunities for internships and work/study experiences available in the larger community.

Why is it called Integrative Studies?

The program provides students with the opportunity to bring together— or to integrate — courses from a wide variety of academic areas or disciplines to support their individual goals. Students completing the degree have the opportunity to craft their own individualized program of study. Furthermore, students with specific career and academic goals have the opportunity to choose courses from various disciplines.

How do I know if Integrative Studies is right for me?

Since the program was developed to allow students to design individualized curriculum plans, the first step is the identification and clarification of the student’s goals. This step, for which the student is primarily responsible, will require considerable investigation and reflection. Only if students have clear goals can faculty advisors effectively assist them in designing programs which are appropriate, maximize the resources available, and most successfully help the student reach their goals.

Career and Advanced Studies

Earning a BS degree in Integrative Studies provides appropriate preparation for students planning to attend graduate school in many disciplines and professions. The degree sets the foundational skills for many employers in a variety of areas of public, non-profit and private organizations. 

Curriculum Overview

Individualized Curriculum: Students work closely with an assigned Integrative Studies advisor to develop a curriculum plan relating to their career and/or academic goals. Courses may vary and selection of courses may be from any discipline, except Nursing and Education. All courses must apply toward the baccalaureate degrees at Clayton State. Courses from a career associate degree program (AAS) generally do not apply to baccalaureate degrees.

The BS degree in Integrative studies requires completion of 120 semester hours.  

Section I Freshmen & Sophomore years: 60 semester hours

 Lower division coursework, 1000 -2000 level

General Education Core requirements apply in Areas A-E of at least 42 hours

 Major-Related Courses of 18 hours are applied in Area F 

Section II Junior & Senior years: 60 semester hours


Upper-division coursework, 3000-4000 level

At least 42 upper-division hours are required

No more than 18 lower division hours may be applied in this section.

Two course requirements included in this section: Experiential Learning (INTE 3901) and Capstone (INTE 4500) 

Academic Standing: A grade of C or better is required in the INTE 3901 and INTE 4500 courses. Students must maintain a 2.0 overall grade point average to remain in good standing as defined by University System policy. In addition, no more than 6 semester hours of D grades can be counted in the courses that are chosen to fulfill the upper division requirements of the program in Section II.

Integrative Studies Internship: The Integrative Studies Internship (INTE 3901) is the principal "experiential learning" component of the program, though students may also earn additional credit via other internships or cooperative education. The course can be completed up to three times for 9 semester hours, but only once a semester. The internship offers meaningful experiences that will allow students to observe and participate in real world projects and activities that bear directly on the challenges of the contemporary workplace. Students are permitted to complete an internship in the company where they are already employed, but the duties must be separate from daily tasks. Students are encouraged to seek experiential opportunities outside the USA.

Integrative Studies Capstone: The Integrative Studies Capstone (INTE 4500) reviews the meaning of Interdisciplinary Studies and requires research in an effort to gain more insight on chosen specialty areas. The research will assist with post-graduate plans of graduate school and/or employment. The capstone course is offered each semester and 100% online via Desire2Learn. Enrollment in the capstone course requires senior standing, a 2.0 GPA or better, and completion of CRIT 1101 Critical Thinking with a grade of C or better. 



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