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USG Goes Global Programs

The USG Goes Global (USGGG) programing offers a system wide consortium that is hosted with the University System of Georgia’s (USG) division.  The USG Goes Global office partners with USG institutions to provide faculty-led study abroad experiences for USG undergraduate students.  These programs range from 2-5 weeks and offers programs in Europe and Asia.

Applications for 2023 are still forthcoming.  

USG Goes Global Application Deadline is March 18, 2022.

USG Goes Global Website

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USG Goes Global Course Information 

Visit the USG Goes Global Study Abroad Programs website to learn more about program offerings and the next steps on how to apply for one of these programs. 

Clayton State students interested in attending a USG Goes Global program must complete the Clayton State University steps outlined below in order to continue with the USG Goes Global program.  The USG Goes Global programs are a third party study abroad program offering. 

The USG Goes Global programs operate separately from Clayton State University programming.  All program payments, program orientations, course work, etc. are conducted through the USG Goes Global office.  Clayton State University does not assist with any of these program processes. 

  1. Apply to the Program of Interest with USG Goes Global via their website.
  2. After applying to the program, send your program recommendation from the USG Goes Global program to the Clayton State University Campus Representative.
  3. Once the Campus Representative has received the program recommendation, the Clayton State student will be prompted by the Clayton State Study Abroad Office to complete the USG Goes Global Course Selection Form, this is a required document to be completed by all Clayton State students looking to attend a USG Goes Global program.

Students that enroll in the London, Paris, Spain, or any other program that ends in August must note that these programs end after the Fall semester fee payment deadline for Clayton State University.  Due to the late end dates, these programs may delay financial aid release for Fall semester courses since your grades for these courses will not have posted to your official record.  This could result in your classes being dropped for non-payment. Please work closely with Financial Aid and the Registrar offices regarding this issue.

Students should endeavor to discuss with Financial Aid how your aid is disbursed, especially in relation to short-term semesters (eight-week sessions).  Undergraduate students should discuss how your aid is awarded and applied.  Next, determine if your aid will be made available to cover your study abroad program payments by the designated program dates.  Students must adhere to the study abroad payment deadlines and make all necessary payments accordingly whether aid has applied or not.  Students will meet with Financial Aid as part of the USG Goes Global Course Selection Form. 

If the course does not meet the students graduation requirements, please note that this might jeopardize Financial Aid funding for the course abroad and the student may have to pay for their tuition out of pocket; while the academic credits may not count towards graduation.  This may also jeopardize any scholarships, grants, and similar funding utilized to pay for the study abroad program.

Access and submit the USG Goes Global Course Selection Form to complete the steps below. 

Download USG Goes Global Course Selection Form

Submit the USG Goes Global Course Selection Form

Login to the Study Abroad Portal with your Clayton State username and password credentials.

Complete the first step with your Academic Advisor.  Students must work with their Academic Advisor to review the USG Goes Global study abroad program course offerings.  Review the courses provided with the USG Goes Global program to see if these courses meet with your academic requirements.  To locate this information, view the ‘Academics’ section on the programs webpage (i.e. Paris, Scotland, etc.) and review the ‘course offerings’.  Click on the course links to view more details about the course information, review which courses are applicable to your graduation requirements. 

Academic Advisors are not to enroll students in the academic course(s).  This process is to be completed by the Clayton State Registrar.  Once the Office of Study Abroad has received the completed USG Goes Global Course Selection Form, this form will be processed and submitted to the Registrar.  The Registrar will create and enroll the student in the courses provided on the form.

The Academic Advisor must make sure the academic course(s) meets the student’s graduation requirements.

Complete the next section with the Office of Financial Aid.  See the form and the Financial Aid Statement (above) for more information. 

If a student chooses to Pay Out of Pocket for their program, they are still required to meet with the Office of Financial Aid to understand how any and all aid distribution applies to students attending a study abroad program.  If a student does not receive Financial Aid and is Paying Out of Pocket, please select the appropriate box(es) on the form to indicate your status.

The student must sign the form to show that they have understood the information provided by their Academic Advisor and the Office of Financial Aid.

Submit your document to the Study Abroad Office for review and approval.  Once the document has been processed by the office, a notification will be sent to the student, and the USG Goes Global recommendation will be processed if the student is approved to continue with the program.

USG Goes Global Program Manager
University System of Georgia
Cassie Danekes

Clayton State University Campus Representative
Sasha Cokuslu
Study Abroad Manager