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Current Students

Students who are currently enrolled in the Clayton State Nursing Program

Basic Licensure BSN Student Handbook

RN-BSN Completion Student Handbook

Student Nurse Association

Incoming Students

Students who have been accepted into the Clayton State Nursing Program for the upcoming semester

BSN Orientation

Scholarship Eligibility Form

CPR Certification

Health Insurance

Advantage Students

Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) - financial opportunities open to citizens of Clayton, Fayette and Henry counties

All Students

Current students, incoming students, and prospective students

Academic Support

Prospective Students

Pre-Nursing students, transfer students or other students interested in the Clayton State Nursing Program



Core Curriculum


Course Sequencing

Kaplan Nursing Admission Test

Program Expectations

Double Major in Health Care Management


Spring Application available August-September

Fall Application available January-February