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Campus Watch - Reporting Suspicious Persons/Vehicles

When is someone suspicious?

When you observe someone exhibiting any of the following behaviors they can be considered suspicious:

  1. Someone walking around offices, classrooms, laboratories, etc., but does not appear to be going to any specific place.
  2. Persons walking in the parking areas zigzagging between vehicles. They do not appear to be walking toward any particular vehicle or building.
  3. Persons, unfamiliar to the office staff, looking in to office areas, storage rooms or student areas.

What are suspicious vehicles?

  1. Vehicles that are slowly moving through parking areas that have vacant parking spaces.
  2. Vehicles that are occupied by one or more persons parked in outlying parking areas away from the buildings or streets.
  3. Vehicles that are parked near buildings after campus buildings are closed.

Contact the Public Safety Department at (770) 960-5151, on campus 5151, immediately if you witness any suspicious persons or vehicles.