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Clean Air Campaign

About the Clean Air Campaign and Clayton State University -- Employee Program

The mission of The Clean Air Campaign is to motivate Georgians to take action to improve air quality and reduce traffic congestion.

To accomplish this mission, The Clean Air Campaign offers a variety of voluntary programs and services, including Commuter Rewards, Carpool Incentives, Cash for Commuters, Spotlight Awards, Walk There Challenge Programs, and more.

The Clean Air Campaign's focus, on both congestion and air quality, is because they are linked -- vehicle emissions contribute to smog formation. Reducing traffic congestion also improves quality of life in the region. The Clean Air Campaign is a nonprofit organization that works collaboratively with other organizations to foster voluntary behavior changes among individuals and employers.

The Clean Air Campaign also works with Clayton State University employees to help obtain a cleaner air quality and reduce traffic congestion in the Metropolitan Atlanta Area by having a personalized web page for Clayton State employees: For more information about CAC Programs for Clayton State employees, click on Commuter Rewards.