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Public Safety Frequently Asked Questions

Is Clayton State University a safe campus?

YES! Clayton State University is a safe campus. That does not mean that crime does not occur. The Department of Public Safety asks that you use common sense crime prevention techniques to lessen your chance of becoming a victim.

How do I get in contact with Clayton State University Department of Public Safety?

The Clayton State University Department of Public Safety is located upstairs in Edgewater Hall, room D-209. Call 678-466-4050 . If you are using an on-campus phone dial extension 4050.

Is there a Safety Escort Service available?

Clayton State University Public Safety will provide safety escorts. You may request an officer's presence when you are in need of a Safety Escort.

What is parking like on campus?

Clayton State has a parking fee of $34 each semester. There is a parking permit/hang tag that will last for a year. Each person enrolled or working as faulty or staff must have a parking permit while on campus. Remember to renew your permit at the appropriate time.

Will my vehicle be safe on campus?

Vehicles are safe on the campus of Clayton State University. There are regular campus patrols as well as alert private citizens who are always on the lookout for suspicious occurrences in the parking areas.

What do I do when my laptop is lost or stolen?

You will need to contact the Police Department within the city in which your Clayton State University Laptop was stolen. Upon receiving a case number from that department, proceed directly to the Clayton State University Department of Public Safety. An Officer will file a report. After which you need to contact the HUB to let them know of the situation. The Clayton State University Department of Public Safety will call the STOP tag number office.

If I am under 21 and caught for Underage Possession of Alcohol, what will happen to me?

If you are under the legal age for consumption of alcohol in the State of Georgia, you will be arrested for Underage Possession of Alcohol. Possession includes alcohol that you have already consumed and alcohol in any type of container, open or not. Upon such arrest, you will face criminal prosecution, which may include fines, and/or other punishments through the State Court of Clayton County and you will be referred to Judicial Programs for possible University sanctions.

If I am arrested, where will I be taken and how do I get out of jail?

If you are arrested, you will be taken to the Clayton County Justice Complex in Jonesboro on Tara Boulevard. If Clayton State University Police arrests you, you may be brought to the Clayton State University Department of Public Safety for the booking process before being transported to jail. There are NO separate jail facilities for college students. To get out of jail, you will be required to post a bond to insure your appearance in court. The bond will be determined by the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office and will be based on the crime(s) in which you have been charged.