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Public Safety Scams

Marketing Scam

Beware of Fraudulent Emails

Emails asking for personal or financial information should be considered to be a scam or an alert to possible criminal activity. Do not respond to any emails and do not click on the link.

The latest email around Clayton State appears to be from Citibank but it is not. The legitimate link to the Citibank web page is below, and you can click on “Consumer Alert” for additional information.

Millenium Enterprises Scam

The Director of Protective Services at Georgia Perimeter College has advised that their Clarkston Campus has just got papered with advertisements from a company called MILLENIUM ENTERPRISES. This company offers a home mailers "kit" for $20. Preliminary information is that the address given, is to an Atlanta Mailboxes Etc. and the money is then sent on to somewhere in Kansas City.

There is a legitimate company in the area with the same name, fielding calls from people who have sent in money and want to know the status of their order.

Possible Email Hoax

Several students have reported receiving an email soliciting individuals to sell textbooks. One student has reported that when they attempted to register, the site requested a lot of personal information. The Bookstore has advised they do not believe this is a legitimate web site and are not familiar with the company.

Prior to purchasing any item online, there are a few items that shoppers should look for.

Identify that the company is known to others, are there street addresses available on the website, company telephone numbers, and/or office locations near you. (This is important information to have in the event you have problem with the product or service you purchase) Also, look for warranty information, identify if there are company procedures for lost or damaged property, and review the online security/privacy information prior to making any online purchase.

In most cases, consumers should be very cautious when receiving unsolicited email offers. At no time should you submit or respond to solicitations via email that will include your personal information.

For more information view the Federal Trade Commission web site.

If you need to report a crime, contact the Department of Public Safety.