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Strategic Plan Status Updates

March - April 2023

Key Activities

  • Pres. Lewis named Co-Chairs and Executive  Council members
  • Executive Council selected Steering Committee members
  • Executive Council interviewed consulting groups to assist with planning
  • Executive Council began gathering and reviewing relevant internal and external data

May - June 2023

Key Activities

  • Executive Council selected and engaged Huron Consulting Group
  • Kick-off meeting of the Steering Committee held
  • President charged the Steering Committee
  • Phase 0 completed with Huron
    • Huron met biweekly with Executive Council
    • Desired outcomes and timeline discussed
    • Relevant data was obtained, analyzed, and shared
  • Phase 1 commenced with Huron
    • Huron began working on market scan and benchmarking analysis
    • Huron attended June meeting of Steering Committee
    • Huron held several small group interviews with Steering Committee members
    • Surface themes began to emerge based on Executive Council and Steering Committee meetings

July 2023

Key Activities

  • Executive Council worked with MarComm to develop a word mark, tagline, and website
  • Huron asked Executive Council to begin identifying internal and external stakeholders to engage to contribute to the planning process
  • Huron facilitated a strategic planning session with the Cabinet and Extended cabinet at the President’s Workshop
  • At monthly Steering Committee meeting, Huron shared preliminary results of market scan and benchmarking analysis

August 2023

Key Activities

  • Co-Chairs provided strategic planning updates at President's fall faculty meeting and per the request of the College of Health
  • Executive Council finalized its list of external stakeholders and submitted it for the President's approval
  • Executive Council created tentative schedule of internal engagements for September when Huron plans to make campus visits
  • Executive Council worked with MarComm to finalize the website

September 2023 - October 2023

Key Activities

  • Strategic Planning Website launched
  • Completed engagements with various internal and external community members through 1:1 interviews, focus groups, workshops, and surveys
  • Held monthly Steering Committee meetings to review market scan and benchmarking analysis, share feedback from engagements, and discuss potential mission, values, and priorities related to the same.