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Minor in Corporate Communication

(For official requirements, see the Clayton State University Academic Catalog.)

A single-page printable version of the minor is available in PDF format.

Clayton State students majoring in BA and BS programs may also earn a minor in Corporate Communication. The minor requires a minimum of 18 hours, which can also apply toward the elective requirements of many other majors. Graduates earning a Corporate Communication minor will receive official recognition of this achievement on their university transcripts.

Why Minor in Corporate Communication?

The Corporate Communication program focuses on preparing students to enter the workforce or for earning advanced degrees in professional areas such as public relations, marketing, advertising, organizational communication and production/design.

Admission to the Minor

Students wishing to declare a minor in Corporate Communication must complete the Change/Addition of a Minor form which can be found by logging into the Duck. 

Program Requirements

The minor in Corporate Communication consists of 18 semester hours. TWO of the following three courses are required (6 hours):

  • CMS 3550 - Introduction to Advertising
  • CMS 3560 - Introduction to Public Relations
  • CMS 2410 - Digital Imaging

The remaining 12 hours should be satisfied by taking any four of the following upper-division Corporate Communication Minor Upper Division Elective courses.

Corporate Communication Minor Upper Division Electives

COMM 3460 – Principles of Project Management

CMS 3110 – Media Industries

CMS 3720 – New Media Design

CMS 4580 – Crisis and Change Communication

COMM 4100 – Organizational Communication

CMS 4560 – Public Relations Principles and Practices

CMS 4800 – Selected Topics in Communication and Media Studies (with approved topic)

Students may apply up to two classes (6 hours) from the following list of courses to satisfy the 12 hour requirement in the Corporate Communication Minor Upper Division Electives.

COMM 3100 – Professional Speaking

COMM 3500 – Writing for Mass Media

COMM 3210 – Communication Theory

COMM 3440 – Communication Technologies

COMM 3300 – Interpersonal Communication

ENGL 3650 – Writing for Non-Profits

ENGL 4900 – Professional and Technical Writing

BUSA 3700 – Business Ethics / Corporate Social Responsibility

Applying to Graduate

When completing a graduation application, students must also submit a Minor in Corporate Communication Graduation Application form which can be found here. Both forms must then be submitted to the Registrar.

Please note: The minor application must be signed by the CMS coordinator before it is submitted to the Registrar. The university's application deadlines are strictly enforced, and the Registrar will not accept the failure to obtain this signature in a timely manner as a legitimate reason for missing the deadline.