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Minor in CMS

(For official requirements, see the Clayton State University Academic Catalog.)

A printable, one-page summary of the minor is available in PDF format (34kb).

Clayton State students majoring in other BA and BS programs may also earn a minor in CMS. The minor requires a minimum of 18 hours, which can also apply toward the elective requirements of many other majors. Graduates earning a CMS minor will receive official recognition of this achievement on their university transcripts.

Why Minor in CMS?

The CMS program focuses on broad-based and adaptable skills that can enrich the lives of graduates in many diverse fields. The ability to write and speak well, the ability to think critically about differing media and modes of communication, the ability to recognize quality in written, visual, and multimedia texts--these are fundamental skills for life within a culture increasingly defined by the movement of information.

In addition, there is a strong call from the business community for graduates with good communication skills, and the CMS minor at Clayton State offers students an excellent opportunity to enhance their skills and marketability for future employers.

Admission to the Minor

Students wishing to declare a minor in CMS complete the same application process required to become a CMS major. See the Admission to CMS page for further information.

Program Requirements

The minor in CMS consists of 18 semester hours. The following courses are required:

  • CMS 2010 Introduction to Media Studies
  • CMS 2100 Introduction to Film
  • COMM 1110 Spoken Communication

The remaining 9 hours may be satisfied by taking any three upper-division (3000- or 4000-level) courses with a CMS or COMM prefix. Lists of specific courses are available on the pages devoted to the CMS core and CMS electives.

Students in the minor may not take or apply the internship classes CMS 3901, CMS 3902, or CMS 3903.

Students who choose to apply either CMS 2100 or COMM 1110 toward their General Education core requirements must substitute another course to meet the 18-hour requirement for the CMS minor. As substitutes, students may use any 3000-level or higher course with a CMS or COMM prefix, except the internship classes.

Applying to Graduate

Students must complete a one-page minor graduation application and submit it to the Registrar along with their bachelor's degree applications. The application is available below in PDF format. Right-click the link to save the file to your computer.

Please note: The minor application must be signed by the CMS coordinator before it is submitted to the Registrar. The university's application deadlines are strictly enforced, and the Registrar will not accept the failure to obtain this signature in a timely manner as a legitimate reason for missing the deadline.