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Music Preparatory School

General School’s Policies

The following policies and procedures of the Music School have been established in order to assist quality and continuity of study. All students are required to abide by them.

  1. Students and parents should be respectful of other students/parents, the school’s instructors, administration, and CSU facility including acoustic pianos and digital keyboards in classrooms.
  2. Young students are not permitted to run and make loud noise in classrooms or waiting area.
  3. Students and/or parents have the responsibility of communicating with their teacher if an instructional, scheduling, or other problem arises. Only in case if the problem cannot be solved, the student and/or parent should contact the school’s director.
  4. Because faculty teaching is tightly scheduled, students must make every effort to be on time for all lessons and classes. In deference to subsequent students and classes, all lessons/classes will end at the scheduled time. Arrival past 10 minutes of student’s scheduled lesson time will be considered a missed lesson.
  5. The Music School reserves the right to modify or cancel any class or lesson due to insufficient enrollment or other circumstances.