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Writers' Studio

In this space you will feel immediately welcome. Gather around a table, in-person or virtually, to discuss your writing issues, cozy up on a comfortable chair. A peer consultant who has been university trained in writing response will talk with you one-on-one at any stage of your writing, about any aspect of it, regarding any subject you’re addressing. Do you need help understanding an assignment? Coming up with an idea? Organizing your thoughts? Developing a thesis statement? Making your sentences clear? Documenting sources correctly? Do you need help with grammar, punctuation, or spelling?

Our half-hour to one-hour sessions focus on revision, on helping you notice your own writing patterns, and on showing you how to apply newfound skills to your future work. We don’t simply edit or proofread your paper; we partner with you toward becoming a more organized, resourceful, exacting, and accomplished writer.

Community Agreements

Time: Students may schedule up to 3 hours of consultation per week and up to 90 minutes per day.

Cancellation: Please notify The Writers’ Studio ahead of your appointment in order to cancel or reschedule. A “missed” appointment includes late cancellations and students who do not appear within the first 10 minutes of their appointment. Accounts are disabled after 3 missed appointments. To reactive your account, please contact us via email at

Lounge: Students may stay at The Writers’ Studio 15 minutes before and 30 minutes after their scheduled appointment. During that time, students are welcome to prepare tea and coffee and to use our printer. 

Pages: During a face to face session, consultants may review approximately 5 double-spaced pages in a 30-minute session and approximately 10 double-spaced pages in a 60-minute session. During an e-tutoring session, consultants may review approximately 5 double-spaced pages in a 60-minute session.

Write-Right Workshop

Faculty-led Write-Right workshops are offered in the fall and the spring semesters. For details regarding our upcoming workshops, please contact us at

Students: Make an appointment

Summer 2020 Hours
Monday – Thursday 9 AM – 8 PM
Friday 9 AM – 1 PM
Sat 9 AM – 12 PM

During the Summer 2020 semester, The Writers' Studio will be open from Tuesday, May 26 to Monday, July 27 and will be fully online to provide both online chat and email writing consultations. Visit us at for instructions on scheduling an appointment.

Location: Arts and Sciences Building, Room 224
Phone: (678) 466-4728

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