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The Writers’ Studio represents a community of writers prepared to engage students in the writing process. This community not only emphasizes overt instruction but also reflective practice. That is why the Studio’s community engages in continuous research, publication, and presentation efforts. Writing consultants in 2012, for example, presented research they conducted regarding writer-identity titled “Validating Student Writers through the Writers’ Studio” at the Fourth Annual Civic Engagement Research Conference--the New York Times, the National Archives of Atlanta, and Clayton State University sponsored conference. Such activities illustrate how the Studio creates a reflective community of writers.

Throughout their time at the Studio, writing consultants participate on committees that are run by consultants. The following are examples of the various committees that help foster an community of practice:

Beautification Committee

The purpose of this committee is to create an atmosphere in the Writer’s Studio that fosters the spirit of creativity. It will also assemble decor that will encourage and inspire the inner writer in all that enter the rooms. We intend to include a jigsaw puzzle that [students and] staff can use as as a point of fun and relief. When the puzzle is complete, it may be glued and mounted to a memorial wall, perhaps with the signatures of its contributors. 

Library Committee

The general goal of the Library Committee is to manage the book collection of the Writers' Studio 224, in order that the collection may become a usable resource for consultants and student writers.  Subordinate aims include developing an inventory of the books we currently have, sorting them by classification, and shelving them in such a way that they are easily retrieved and reshelved.  Longer-term goals include managed lending and soliciting faculty book donations.  Longest-term:  existing smartphone apps already read barcodes.  Later library software should allow simple scanning via phone.

Workshop Committee

The workshop committee is dedicated to taking the Writers’ Studio “on the road.” We plan and implement workshops that focus on various aspects of the writing process. These workshops include general workshops held in our new extended studio. Our workshops are an extension of the collaborative learning process used by consultants and those we help write. Some of the workshops are to led by teachers with the aid of consultants dedicated to workshops. Others will be led by a consultant with the aid of technology.

Research, Presentation, and Publication Committee

Within academia, undergraduate and graduate students occupy the liminal space between undergraduate studies and the discipline-shaping scholarship of professors. Publishing their scholarship and presenting at conferences can make positive contributions to graduate students’ disciplines, professional objectives, and institutions.  Additionally, participating in these platforms allows students to receive feedback to help further their research.  The existence of this committee is underscored by some graduate students’ lack of awareness concerning the benefits of publishing and presenting. The objective of the Research Publish and Present Committee (RPP) is to stay abreast of graduate students’ research and make students aware of opportunities to assist students with preparing for publications and presentations.

Writers’ Studio 224 Awareness Committee

The goal and purpose of my Writers’ Studio Awareness Committee is to raise awareness of the Studio. In order to provide a successful work atmosphere, student-writers that we assist must be completely satisfied. If these students are not completely satisfied, my committee has failed at our mission. We will do whatever it takes to assist  our student writers. We as consultants and employees of the Writers’ Studio must be able to meet and surpass the needs of these student writers. We will incorporate a consultant/student writer interaction form. These forms will allow student writers to provide each consultant with the proper feedback regarding each student’s interaction with a consultant. My committee believes that by implementing this system, we will be better equipped at satisfying the needs of each individual student writer who enters the doors of the Writers’ Studio.