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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is The Writers’ Studio located?

We are usually located in the Arts & Science building on the 2nd floor in Room 224 (near vending machines). When changes are made to our location, the new location is updated on the Writers' Studio homepage.

How do I create an account with The Writers’ Studio in order to make an appointment?

Students are automatically registered to SSC Campus. You can access SSC Campus with your Loch account.

Do I have to come into The Writers’ Studio in order to schedule an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment in person, online through SSC Campus, or by phone at 678-466-4728.

How do do I schedule an appointment online?

Once you access SSC Campus through the Swan, click the blue “Get Assistance” button to the right of the screen. Fill out the question prompts that follow, and you will be able to schedule your appointment.

What if I cannot make my appointment at the scheduled time?

All writers are expected to be present at the scheduled time unless The Writers’ Studio has been contacted and told otherwise before the start of the session. We ask that you arrive no more than 30 but at least 15 minutes before scheduled time. If you cannot arrive on time, either call us at 678-466-4728 or e-mail us at to let us know that you will not be able to make it or if you are going to be late.

What happens if I’m late or can’t make an appointment and I don’t have a chance to call or email the studio?

All writers have a 10-minute grace period before an appointment is cancelled. If you missed your session, you will have to schedule a consultation for a later time or date. Please note that you can access the SSC Campus and cancel the appointment on your own so that the change does not count as a missed appointment.

How many appointments am I allowed to miss?

Writers are allowed to miss up to 3 appointments before their account with the Studio is deactivated. If this happens, writers must come to The Writers’ Studio and speak with our Director, Dr. Klein, in order to have the account reactivated for continuous service or disabled accounts can be retrieved by emailing The Writers' Studio.

How many appointments am I allowed to make at a time?

You can make as many appointments as you want; however, writers have limitations on how many appointments can be made in a week’s or day’s time. Writers are allowed up to two hours per day. When scheduling your appointment, be mindful when selecting the time you feel is necessary. This is usually determined by the number of pages your paper has and what you are asking the consultant to view throughout your paper. Use discretion when scheduling appointments. For example, if you have a ten page paper, you should make an hour appointment.

How do I know if a consultant offers Email Writing Consultations or Online Chat Consultations?

When you select “I need help with my writing,” one of the question prompts asks where you would like your appointment. Click “I want to meet online,” then proceed to the next screen. There, you can choose either “Email Writing Consultation” or “Online Chat Consultation,” depending on your preferences. You will then be able to choose from a list of consultants offering that service.

If I want to schedule an Email Writing Consultation or Online Chat Writing Consultation, how would I do it?

It would be the same as if you were scheduling a regular appointment. You would first choose “I want to meet online” instead of “I want to meet face-to-face.” Then you would choose “Email Writing Consultation” or “Online Chat Writing Consultation” depending on your preference of appointment type. This will allow you to see the available times for your appointment. Please make sure to add information about your paper in the details section when making your appointment. Details can include what the paper is about and what you would like your consultant to focus on while reading, such as organization, thesis development, clarity.

For more detailed instructions, please visit the Online Writers Studio.

Where is the paper sent after the Email Writing Consultation is made?

After making an Email Writing Consultation appointment, it is your responsibility to e-mail both your paper and the assignment description to your writing consultant at Please do not send blank e-mails. The Studio requests that you add your name and the name of the consultant with whom you scheduled your appointment. This makes it easier for our consultants to find your paper in our inbox.

What is the difference between an Email Writing Consultation and Online Chat Writing Consultation?

An Email Writing Consultation is an appointment in which the student emails his or her consultant their assignment along with the assignment description/rubric/etc., from the professor. The consultant then has 48 hours to look over the student’s paper and provide feedback via email, which includes a detailed feedback letter and a brief video summary. An Online Chat Writing Consultation, on the other hand, is an appointment in which the student and the consultant meet in an online video chat via Microsoft Teams. There, the student and consultant can speak directly about concerns with the assignment.

When is The Writers’ Studio open and closed?

Our hours are updated each semester on the Writers' Studio homepage.

What should I do to prepare to prepare for a writing consultation?

Consultants ask that writers come with a rough draft and an assignment description in order to better assist writers with any questions that they may have. We also suggest providing a grading rubric, if given. This can and will also give consultants a better understanding of what the professor is requiring from you as a writer. Ultimately, consultants do not do the work for you, but will do everything they can to ensure that you help you with your writing process.

When working on a paper, does it have to be typed or can it be handwritten?

Due to COVID-19, we ask that you bring electronic copies only for the time being. Writers will share assignments with consultants via Microsoft Teams, so hard copies are not necessary. Writers will still be able to print their assignments in The Writers’ Studio, but those printed copies will not be used during appointments.

Can I print my paper in the Studio?

Writers are allowed to print papers in The Writers’ Studio, but only if you have a scheduled appointment. Please note that the paper being worked on during that session is the only paper that may be printed. If you need to continue printing, you are expected to use SmartPrint located in the library or in various locations across campus.

What if this is a group project? Are we still limited on printing?

The limitations of printing are determined by how many people are within the group and if it pertains to the session at hand. Typically on group projects, only one paper is needed, but that depends on what is required of your professor.

Will I need my computer to print?

We strongly encourage that you do. Consultants will not use their personal computers to print a student’s paper. This is not only for printing, but for any type of last minute research, research that you may question, or minor errors that you would like to correct prior to seeing your consultant. Also, we do not provide flash drives and ask that you provide one for yourself if needed during your visit.

If I do not have or own a computer, could I e-mail my paper to the Studio to be printed?

This is possible if you have an appointment with a consultant during that time. The Studio’s front desk assistants will help writers print prior to and after their session.

Once my session is complete, am I allowed to stay in The Writers’ Studio to continue my work?

To encourage social distancing, we ask that students only stay for the duration of their appointment and leave afterward. This prevents crowding and will hopefully protect both students and consultants from potential infection.

What if I want to seek other tips about better writing?

At The Writers’ Studio, we supply different handouts for different papers to provide further service. Handouts may include MLA and APA formatting, in-text citations, and many more.

Do students get extra credit for utilizing The Writers’ Studio?

This is up to the discretion of your professor. Some professors who encourage writers to visit The Writers’ Studio make the visit a requirement while other professors provide writers with extra credit. Either way, we will provide you with a proof-of-visit slip stamped by the Studio to give to your professor at the end of your session.

Does The Writers’ Studio hold workshops? If so, what type and how often?

Yes, the Studio offers four faculty-led writing workshops in both the fall and the spring semesters as part of the The Write-Right Workshop Series. Workshops topics are determined by faculty so the workshops often cover a range of writing topics, including thesis development,, source integration, and citations guidelines. At the start of each semester, workshops are announced on the Writers' Studio homepage.

Who is all allowed to visit The Writers’ Studio?

All faculty, staff, and students of Clayton State University are allowed to utilize the Studio. Those who attend classes at the Fayette or Henry campuses may also visit the Studio in-person at the Main Campus and meet with consultants online.

May I bring along a friend’s paper to be looked over during my appointment?

Only your own paper will be reviewed during your scheduled session. Your friend will have to make his or her own appointment to review the paper.