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Community Outreach

At Clayton State, we reach out. Because we understand that real dreams take real partnerships. Because we know that community ties enhance everything we do here, from teaching to research. And our students, the professionals of tomorrow, will carry this knowledge with them into their careers and lives—they too will reach out.

Here is how Clayton State connects.

Student Volunteerism

Clayton State students are engaged community members eager to jump in and lend a hand. We partner with businesses and organizations in the area to ensure they have the opportunity. Students can participate in several volunteerism and community-based initiatives as well as PACE courses, which connect students with local organizations for community engagement experiences.  

With a range of interest areas, such as animal welfare, senior care, and conservation, students gain invaluable hands-on and career-building experiences doing work they’re passionate about. Our local partners, in kind, receive extra help from students who care about active citizenship.

See which area businesses and organizations partner with Clayton State.

Academic Research, Locally And Abroad

There are over 200 faculty members at Clayton State, 75 percent of which hold the highest degrees in their fields. They are award-winning teachers and accomplished scholars. And many of them do their research right here, in the surrounding area and around the state of Georgia. They collaborate closely with communities to do work that makes a difference—forging lasting partnerships.

Research in the Community

  • Dr. Diane Diane Day, professor of biology, has partnered with the Southern Conservation Trust in Fayette County for almost five years to study and preserve the eastern box turtle. Learn more about Dr. Day’s research.
  • Dr. Hae Ryong Chung, assistant professor in Health and Fitness Management, is is conducting research using a metabolic cart to examine oxygen consumption and muscle activity in the general population to measure how much energy is expended for muscle and oxygen. Learn more about Dr. Chung’s research.
  • Professor of Biology Dr. Jere Boudell’s research into mobile computing encourages outreach and education through the development of field and other learning apps. She also teaches workshops and hackathons in Morrow and across the US. Learn more about Dr. Boudell’s research.
  • Dr. Angkul Kongmunvattana, professor of computer science and information technology, is working with students to help them gain a practical understanding of artificial intelligence using Sphero bots, Lego MindStorms, and NAO humanoid robots in the classroom.

How You Can Help Us Reach Out

Solid partnerships create opportunity and strengthen communities. We would be honored to partner with you. There are many ways for us to work together to make dreams real.

Join Our Corporate Partners Program

When you become a corporate partner, you have the opportunity to work with talented, service-minded students and faculty, while supporting professional development and engaged learning as part of a thriving professional network.

Our partners support the development of the University in many ways, including financial gifts that aid in such things as equipment and resource purchases. They also host internships, participate in and provide employee recruitment and networking opportunities, collaborate with Clayton State administrators to address community issues, and more.

Help Give Students an EDGE

The EDGE program helps prepare students for their futures, in part with the help of community partners like you. EDGE partners provide crucial real-world learning opportunities for students in the program through jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities, and job shadowing.

But that’s not all. When you become an EDGE partner, you become a mentor, helping to guide students toward reaching their greatest potential. And you’ll become part of a strong network of other community organizations dedicated to training the professionals of tomorrow.

Become a PACE Partner

As a PACE partner, you’ll team up with a Clayton State faculty member to provide community engagement projects for students enrolled in PACE courses. PACE students will complete assigned projects for your organization as part of the course curriculum, gaining valuable real-world experience and credit toward their degrees all at once.

Since 2014, Clayton State students have completed over 100 projects with community partners, and that number is only growing. Our PACE partners love introducing students to the great work their organizations do and benefit from the extra help they can provide.

Give to Clayton State

Giving is an important part of providing our community members with the resources and support they need to turn their dreams into the realities of the future. Whether in the form of scholarships and grants, donations, cash, or other forms of giving, your support helps make Clayton State a top university in Georgia.