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Welcome to Auxiliary Services!

Auxiliary Services at Clayton State appreciates all our of customers! Without you, we wouldn’t exist. It’s our goal to provide you…our students, faculty, and staff…with the products and services you need to be successful. Our dedicated staff is here to help you, whether it’s finding the right textbook, getting a meal between classes, printing your research paper, or accessing your apartment.


Julie Birchfield
Assistant Vice President - Auxiliary Services
(678) 466-4227

Norman Grizzell
Director- Auxiliary Services
(678) 466-4222

Cedric Giles
Operations Manager, Auxiliary Services
(678) 466-4216

Trinelle Gillespie
Operations Services Specialist
(678) 466-4226

Shaneeka Grant
Accountant, Auxiliary Services
(678) 466-4209

Tommy Stein
Film and Event Manager
(678) 466-4223


Auxiliary Services

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