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The Loch Shop

Bookstore Bucks

Financial Aid Bookstore Bucks are a convenient way of buying required course materials and supplies before your Financial Aid is refunded and without charging it on a credit card!

Bookstore Bucks are available to you if, after payment of tuition and fees, you have unused Financial Aid remaining in your student account. Up to $1,000 of unused Financial Aid will be transferred to your LakerCard for use in the The Loch Shop for the purchase of textbooks, required course materials, and other items necessary for the completion of course work. Clayton State University logo items, book bags, and other items may also be purchased with Bookstore Bucks.  If you have questions, please contact the The Loch Shop at (678) 466-4220.

Bookstore Bucks for Fall 2023:

Your Financial Aid Bookstore Bucks balance is available on LakerCard Online during the dates shown above. Click here to check your balance LakerCard Online.

Bookstore Bucks are available online!  Use your Bookstore Bucks for online purchases. Just select Bookstore Bucks at checkout when making your online purchase. You will need to enter the 16-digit number (begins with 352710) from the back of your LakerCard. Do NOT enter your LakerID (900xxxxxx).

Financial Aid Bookstore Bucks are available for use in The Loch Shop or at The Loch's Nest. 

Please note: Some third-party Financial Aid Accounts have special limits on spending. For additional information, contact The Loch Shop (678) 466-4220.