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About the 4 + 1 Programs

What is the 4+1 College of Business program?

A College of Business undergraduate student in any major can combine their bachelor’s degree with one of the business master’s programs. This combination will allow a student to earn both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in five years or less!

Students enrolled in a 4 +1 program can start enrolling in graduate level courses in their senior year. These graduate courses will fulfill both undergraduate and graduate requirements.

How does the 4+1 College of Business program work?

The timeline below shows key actions for each student to take each year.

Year 1
Review program options
Year 2
Talk to academic advisor and program contact
Year 3
Apply and admittance to program
Year 4
Apply to graduate program
Graduate with an undergrad degree
Year 5
Admittance to graduate program
Graduate with an grad degree
For questions or to apply, contact your academic advisor.