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The 4 + 1 Programs Enrollment Process

Follow the steps below to enroll in the 4+1 programs

  1. The student expresses interest and schedules a meeting with their undergraduate advisor before their senior year

  2. The undergraduate advisor verifies if the student meets the required 3.0 GPA requirement

  3. The undergraduate advisor completes the Declaration of Intent and Plan of Study relevant to the combined degree program the student is interested in

  4. The undergraduate advisor submits the Declaration of Intent electronically to obtain all the signatures

  5. Once signed by all parties, the advisor provides a copy of the signed Declaration of Intent and the Plan of Study to the student, the appropriate Department Chair, and the Graduate Programs Director

  6. The student follows the projected plan of study and review it with the undergraduate advisor at each advising session

  7. When it is time for the student to enroll into graduate courses in the senior year, the undergraduate advisor registers the student for the graduate courses

  8. Student completes the online graduate application as they near undergraduate degree completion

  9. Student completes the undergraduate degree

  10. Student starts the graduate degree and advising is transfered to the graduate advisor

For questions or to apply, contact your academic advisor.