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The 4 + 1 Programs Frequently Asked Questions

A 4 + 1 Program is an accelerated program that permits students to finish their graduate degree at a shorter period of time by allowing them to take graduate level courses during their senior year. The graduate courses that a student takes during their senior year fulfill both undergraduate and graduate graduation requirements. A 4 + 1 program allows a student to save time and money and complete a Master’s degree in one year. It also provides students with advanced skills and knowledge to succeed in today’s competitive job market.

The College of Business offers 15 programs right now. However, more programs will become available in the near future.

Please visit the academic catalog on the 4 + 1 programs. You can also make an appointment with your academic advisor.

Any College of Business student can participate in a 4 + 1 program if they fulfill certain requirements. You will need to talk to your academic advisor, to see if you meet the requirements.

If you are planning to pursue a Master in Business Administration (MBA), you can take up to 9 graduate-level courses as an undergraduate student. These courses will fulfill both undergraduate and graduate requirements. For the Master in Strategic Leadership Development (MSLD) and the Master in Supply Chain Analytics (MSCA), you can take 6 graduate-level courses that will count for both your undergraduate and graduate degrees.

You need to contact your academic advisor. They will provide you with an application form.

Undergraduate students will receive their Bachelor’s degree when they fulfill their undergraduate curriculum requirements. When they finish their graduate degree requirements, they will receive their master’s degree.

The student will not lose credits. The graduate courses will fulfill undergraduate degree requirements and the student will graduate on time.

Students enrolled in a 4 + 1 program will still need to apply to enroll in a graduate program. Usually, they will apply in their last semester of their senior year.

For questions or to apply, contact your academic advisor.