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Class of 2024 Film Production alumnus Maxwell Mihalis behind the scenes during the making of

June 12, 2024

World Premiere: Film Production alumnus hopes to see “The Gateway Process” go global


Guest speakers prepare for Fall Commencement ceremonies

CCPS’s Dr. Anthony W. Smith, Clayton State’s Jeff Jacobs, and Anna Roach of the ARC top off the Class of 2023’s list of guest lecturers.

Leave a Legacy: Clayton State Men's Soccer ready for NCAA Playoffs

Grad students and Men's Soccer Lakers Geo Rios and Hector Fuentes speak on the team's 2023 Peach Bowl Champion season, as well as the impact they and the team look to leave upon the conclusion of this year's Division II NCAA Playoffs.

Public Safety provides situational awareness training for staff

Clayton State University staff were invited to attend a C.R.A.S.E. course hosted by Chief John Keener to better understand proper situational responses in case of various crisis situations on campus.

Transitioning: Veterans Resource Center provides community for Laker student veterans

Clayton State University's Veterans Resource Center looks to serve as a home away from home, as well as a place to help aid all Laker student veterans in their transition back to civilian life following their separation from the U.S. Armed Forces.

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Clayton State, Clayton County Public Schools look to deliver new program

The proposed Academic Enrichment and Bridge Accelerator program looks to increase the number of students from Clayton County Public Schools enrolled in the dual enrollment program at Clayton State University.

Alfred Runs: Clayton State senior and Jonesboro Councilman ready to earn degree, leave impact

In many ways, Alfred Dixon is just like any Clayton State student athlete. He’s found a way to balance his academics and social life, as well as high jump and track.

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