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Dr. Georj Lewis celebrates first year as Clayton State University president

(February 13, 2024) - As Clayton State’s 2024 Homecoming festivities kicked off, Dr. Georj L. Lewis was honored in the University Center by students, faculty, and staff, as all Lakers came together to congratulate him on his first year serving as president of the institution.

President Lewis and Loch enjoy Homecoming 2024

Dr. Lewis reflected on his first year and said it simply moved “fast” after he first arrived on campus during Homecoming 2023.

“It was like starting a race when everybody else was moving 100 miles an hour already,” Lewis said. “But I quickly got up to speed with everybody’s help.”

Lewis said among everything he learned from his first year serving as president, what stood out to him the most was the passion and love for Clayton State that students, staff and faculty persistently demonstrate through their work and dedication.

Lakers in the classrooms particularly caught his attention.

“I’ve really learned how committed and focused our students are,” Lewis said. “They are focused on their education and want to change their life in a positive way, as well as those who are connected to them.”

Lewis proudly stated that he has “the best job in the world” and is constantly “motivated by others who want to improve themselves,” further calling himself “the luckiest person” at Clayton State University.

As he looks ahead to what’s next in both his and the university’s futures, Lewis wanted to leave a message of encouragement to all faculty and staff to continue focusing on what he believes is the university’s greatest asset – its students.

“We have the ability to transform somebody’s life every single day,” Lewis said. “As long as we stay focused on that, we will continue to do great things. Everything’s going to come together. I’m excited about the strategic plans that we are going to execute. It’s all about improving the institution, creating a better experience for our students, faculty and staff.”

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