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Dr. Michelle Nelson reelected as AANP Georgia State Liaison

(May 24, 2024) - Dr. Michelle Nelson of Clayton State University’s College of Health has celebrated an extraordinary year of award recognitions and nominations.

Dr. Michelle Nelson hopes her reelection inspires others to further serve their communities

But recently, she was awarded with something arguably greater – an office reelection.

Another two-year term is on the way for Nelson, who was reelected in her role as Georgia State Liaison for the American Association of Nursing Practitioners (AANP).

Nelson recalled that her first two years working with the AANP came after being recruited for the role. But this time around, she experienced her first election cycle and came out on top once again!

“It’s an honor to serve,” Nelson said. “My entire career has been one of service to others, to healthcare, to Georgians, and both nationally and internationally in Africa and the Caribbean. I just want to say thank you for everyone that voted for me and let them know that this part of my journey toward a larger goal – to become the national president of AANP.”

Nelson said that her presidential aspirations are some of her greatest, and she is in no way taking the road to the position for granted.

“I’m doing everything that I can to get to that level from service, being mentored by the current president, making sure that nurse practitioners both in Georgia and nationwide have the representation that they need and deserve, and that the restrictions on our ability to practice are lifted so we can provide cost-effective, safe, quality health care,” Nelson said.

Dr. Elicia Collins, assistant dean and associate professor of Clayton State’s School of Nursing, was thrilled to hear of Nelson’s reelection and said her renewed role as state liaison is a benefit for all residents of the Peach State.

Collins additionally praised her colleague as “intelligent, articulate, and very helpful” while further calling her “a true advocate for all nurses and students in the state of Georgia.”

“She has been instrumental in passing multiple pieces of legislation to provide more autonomy for advanced practice registered nurses, which directly benefits healthcare outcomes for the citizens of Georgia,” Collins said. “Because of her dedication to advancing nurses, she has received multiple fellow invitations. She is proactive, target-driven, and the embodiment of advocacy.”

Additionally in 2024, the Gamma Chi Chapter of the Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Inc. presented Nelson with the 2024 Nursing Achievement Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Nursing Profession.

Nelson said this was a significant feat considering it was the first time the awarded was presented to anyone in the past three years.

She was also recently inducted as a fellow into the National Academies of Practice (NAP) and nominated for the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, which requires at least 4,000 hours of community service over one year to be qualified.

“It sounds crazy, but this is the level of commitment that faculty here at Clayton State have toward their profession,” Nelson said. “I’m very proud of that.”

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