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Dr. Antoinette Miller selected as newest QMAAC member

(December 12, 2023) - Dr. Antoinette Miller, Clayton State’s department chair and professor of Psychology, has been selected to serve on Quality Matters’ Academic Advisory Council (QMAAC) in January 2024.

Dr. Antoinette Miller will begin serving on the QMAAC in January 2024.

On their website, Quality Matters (QM) describes itself as a global organization leading quality assurance in online and innovative digital teaching and learning environments.

“It's basically the set of principles that's used to design online courses so they're more likely for students to be successful in a number of different fronts,” Miller said. “They have a whole bunch of workshops, and they try to keep their current practice updated.”

Miller further added that she’s had students in the past use her QM-based workshops throughout the US and as far away as Australia and Africa. 

Created in 2004, Miller said that the QMAAC has provided “guidance and oversight” on Quality Matters’ directions and initiatives to the organization.  

The council currently has 15 members who serve to represent the interests and viewpoints of various institutions and organizations, provide guidance to ensure long-term sustainability and success for QM, help review new initiatives, and more.

As for her selection, Miller said she was unanimously voted in as the newest QMAAC member “based on her impressive education and experience.”

“I've been heavily embedded in this,” Miller said. “I will sometimes have people in my workshops from other system institutions and have been training people across the country. What I really wanted to do was take it to the next level. I'm trying to make an impact on the USG.”

Miller is ready to begin her next chapter with Quality Matters in January and enthusiastically described the organization as simply “awesome,” encouraging everyone to give it a shot.

“I’m really excited to meet some of the people who are on this group,” Miller said. “I’ve been working on this for a long time. I think it’s going to be really interesting.”

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