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President’s Research and Creative Endeavors Mini Grant Awardees Prepare Inaugural Projects

(January 18, 2022) - The inaugural group of twelve awardees for the President’s Research and Creative Endeavors Mini Grants participated in a post award orientation on Friday, January 14, which included a congratulatory message from Dr. Stuart.

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“I want to thank each one of your individually, the twelve of you, who answered the call under Dr. Carter’s leadership.  She heard me on day one that I want to put money back into the most valuable resources and assets that we have here at Clayton State University, and those are faculty and staff,” said Dr. Stuart. 

Dr. Stuart explained that the mini grant initiative is important because we are working to find innovative ways to bring about meaningful solutions that will not only enhance professionals but also inform our community “as we focus on moving beyond the trees that don our beautiful campus.”  The president’s mini grants provide faculty and staff an opportunity to secure support for preliminary research projects leading toward large-scale proposals and receive professional development for proposal writing skills. 

Mini grant funding is for $3,000 and receivers consisted of campus faculty and staff. “Having this support to launch a research project that I also intend to bring into the classroom in various ways makes a huge difference.  The grant allows me to begin my next book project and encourages me in obtaining significant resources beyond Clayton State,” said Dr. Andrew Kurt, associate professor of history, one of the twelve awardees. 

One of nine proposal reviewers, Dr. Mélanie Poudevigne, professor of health and fitness management, provided insight on the importance of the new initiative, “I am enthusiastically sharing the excitement President Stuart has created in support of students’ success. Building shared commitments and vision means a greater attention and efforts must focus on supporting mutual expectations for what faculty preparation efforts should accomplish. The proposed grants can help with establishing collective investments in affordable, high-quality, accessible learning and research opportunities for everyone at Clayton State University.

The proposed collaborations with professional organizations locally and beyond are a clear testament of our workforce strengths and will help students and faculty with their careers’ advancement purposefully. I am extremely proud of our faculty engagements and look forward to their projects coming to life in 2022.”

The President’s Research and Creative Endeavors Mini Grant initiative is supported by the Office of the President’s Grants and Programs Indirect Cost Recovery Fund at a funding level of 10% of total recovered funds. The 2021 budget represents $36,523.60 (10% of $365,236.97).

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