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Peer-Academic Mentor Program wins 2022 Regent’s Momentum Year Award for excellence

(January 18, 2022) - The University System of Georgia (USG) awarded its “2022 Regents’ Momentum Year Award for Excellence in Teaching and Curricular Innovation” to Clayton State University’s Peer-Academic Mentor Program.

Dr. Jennifer Parrott and Dr. Sipai Klein

In a congratulatory letter sent by USG, Dr. Tristan Denley, Executive Vice Chancellor & Chief Academic Officer said, “When the review committee met to discuss the nominations and finalize their recommendations, they voted unanimously to recommend the Peer-Academic Mentor program as this year’s winner.”

According to Dr. Denley, the Peer-Academic Mentor Program embodies the values and approach of Momentum Year by enhancing academic belonging among students, their peer mentors, and the academic content of coursework. Anchored in the ePortfolio, the program promotes student discovery of the purpose and value in coursework through individual and communal activities.

“Incorporating high-impact practices in order to create transformative experiences intended to deepen learning as a part of the first college year is central to this Momentum Year Award,” he said.

The annual teaching and curriculum award is designed to honor teaching and instruction that promotes student achievement, promotes a purposeful program and career choice, and creates an environment where positive academic mindsets thrive, catapulting students toward student retention and degree completion.

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