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Public Safety Outdoor Policies

Policies Concerning the Use of Outdoor Facilities of Clayton State Campus

Facilities of the University such as tennis courts, soccer fields, and the golf putting area, are maintained by the University for the use in the instructional programs and related activities of the University. Funds for the repair and maintenance of these facilities are provided by the State and the students of Clayton State University. The purpose for which these facilities are provided and the limited resources available to the University for repair, maintenance, and supervision of the facilities, require certain priorities and restrictions concerning their use.

The following guidelines shall apply to the use of these facilities.


General Rules Concerning Campus Usage

  1. Priority of use
    1. Class instruction
    2. Practice by students enrolled in classes
    3. Intramurals
    4. Intercollegiate athletics
    5. Play by students, faculty, staff, guest and alumni
    6. Groups not affiliated with the University that have been approved through the Office of Continuing Education and the Department of Recreation & Wellness.
    7. Individuals not affiliated with the University
  2. Campus Policies
    1. Persons under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times and be within their immediate dominion and supervision.
    2. Students, faculty and staff using University facilities must have in their possession a valid University I.D. card. Alumni must present their alumni card. All others must have in their possession acceptable identification. Spring semester student identification cards and parking permits are valid until Fall Semester begins unless otherwise notified.
    3. The fields, tennis courts, lakes, and all other outdoor areas are closed at dusk unless otherwise noted.
    4. During the weekend and on holidays, the campus closes at dusk unless otherwise posted or announced.
    5. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted.
    6. The Department of Recreation & Wellness or the Department of Athletics shall maintain a master schedule for the tennis courts and coordinate all such reservations. The Department of Athletics shall maintain a master schedule of the soccer field and coordinate all such reservations. Reservations for groups not affiliated with the University may reserve tennis courts through the Department of Recreation & Wellness. The tennis courts are not open to the public without a paid SAC Fitness Center membership.
  3. Specific Area Rules Tennis Courts: Funding for the tennis courts was provided by the students of Clayton State University. Players shall observe all tennis court rules, standards of proper conduct, fair play, and good sportsmanship. General Policies
    1. All players are responsible checking-in, and/or scheduling court use, at the SAC Fitness Center desk prior to commencing play on the courts. A Laker ID card or SAC Fitness Center ID card must be presented.
    2. Tennis court use is restricted to the Clayton State University campus community unless alternate arrangements have been scheduled in advance through the Department of Recreation & Wellness. Guests permitted -- certain rules and restrictions may apply.
    3. The tennis courts are available on a first-come, first-served basis except when in use by the Clayton State University Athletics Department or by the Department of Recreation & Wellness.
    4. The use of the courts by outside instructors is NOT permitted.
    5. No children under the age of 16 permitted unless accompanied by a Clayton State University student, employee, or current Fitness Center member. Do not leave children unattended.
    6. Court use is restricted to one hour.
    7. Keep gates closed at all times.
    8. Abuse of the courts / nets is prohibited and abusers will be financially responsible for damage and will be suspended from future use of the courts.
    9. Clayton State University is not responsible for personal belongings left behind or unattended. Secure your belongings inside the SAC Fitness Center.
    10. Tennis court hours coincide with the hours of the Fitness Center.
    Attire & Shoes
    1. Attire -- Proper athletic attire must be worn on court. No street clothes are allowed on courts. Waist bands must remain at your waist at all times.
    2. Shoes -- Players shall not wear shoes that mar or damage the court. Only athletic shoes specified for tennis court use may be worn. Specifically, only non-marking shoes with white soles are permitted. No street shoes or black-soled shoes of any type.
    The Following is Prohibited
    1. No alcohol.
    2. No food, gum or tobacco
    3. No glass bottles or containers.
    4. No pets.
    5. No blood on court. Cover all wounds immediately.
    6. No yelling, loud noises or use of profanity.
    7. No sitting, pushing or pulling on tennis nets, fencing, or windscreens.
    8. No climbing on, hitting or kicking balls into, or running into fences.
    9. No placing of towels or clothing on the net.
    10. No bicycles, skates, skateboards, roller blades or hockey-type activities.
    Hours & Lights
    • First Court Reservation -- the first court reservation for the morning will be 6:30 am unless other arrangements are made through the Director of Recreation & Wellness.
    • Last Court Reservation -- the final court reservation for the evening will be 8:30 pm at the latest. You may be assigned a court within the same set as others in order to conserve energy (lights).
    • Court Shut Down Time -- The courts will routinely close at 9:30 pm Sundays - Thursdays. Fridays, Saturday and Sunday, courts will shut down 30 minutes ahead of the Fitness Center. Exceptions apply for varsity tennis matches and intramural sports.
    • Lights -- Only the Professional staff of the Facilities Assistants may turn the lights on / off.
    1. Prohibited campus-wide.
    Soccer Field:
    1. Activities on the soccer field are limited to organized university instruction; intercollegiate athletics; intramural activities; Continuing Education class instruction; students, faculty, staff, and alumni; and groups approved by the Office of Continuing Education.
    2. A valid university ID must be in the possession of all individuals using the soccer field without prior registration.
    3. All activities and reservations must be scheduled in accordance with II-6.
    Golf Practice:
    1. Prohibited campus-wide.
    Dogs on Campus:
    1. All dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.
    2. Dogs must be kept outside all university buildings and away from shrubbery, plants, wildfowl, and out of the water.
    3. Unattended animals will be reported to the Clayton County animal shelter.
    1. No vehicles are allowed to be operated on any walkway, field or landscaped area unless it is a campus or emergency vehicle.
    2. Entrance and exit of the campus must be made through authorized accesses. Any unauthorized entrance onto the campus will be considered criminal trespass.
    3. Motor vehicle driver’s instruction (DRIVERS TRAINING) is prohibited.
    4. Go-carts and mini-bikes are prohibited on campus.
    5. Repairs or servicing on vehicles is prohibited on campus.
    1. Fishing in campus lakes is permitted from 8:00 a.m. until sunset.
    2. Fishing is prohibited from the west bank of the large lake south of the pedestrian bridge.
    3. Persons desiring to fish must observe all State fishing laws and have a valid fishing license.

    No live minnows may be used as bait.

    1. Skating, skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, and unsupervised children on bicycles and tricycles are prohibited.
    2. Horseback riding is prohibited.
    3. Hunting, trapping, and the use of firearms, BB guns, air rifles, bow-and-arrow, or any other weapon is prohibited.
    4. Building fires, camping in any form and organized group picnicking is prohibited.
    5. Swimming, boating, model airplanes, kite flying near power lines, operating model airplanes, radio-controlled boats, or radio-controlled cars are prohibited.
    6. Climbing or repelling from trees, buildings, fences or poles is prohibited.
    7. Jogging after dark or when campus is closed is prohibited.
    8. All wildlife, including all migratory species and plants are not to be disturbed without permission.
    9. Fallen trees, pine straw, and other natural materials are not for sale or for the taking.
    10. Trash should be removed by individuals when leaving the campus.
    11. No food, drink or other items may be sold on college property.
    12. Fund raising events are not permitted on campus.
    13. Individuals may not trespass on campus when the campus is closed, and no activities are allowed at such time.