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Payment Request FAQs

What account number should I use for my Payment Request? 
View a list of Expenditure & Revenue Accounts.View the copy of the Matrix. If there are questions regarding which account number to use, please contact the Office of Accounting Services or the Budget Office.

What documents are required for non-employees to be reimbursed for travel related expenses when submitting a Payment Request?
In order for a Payment Request to be processed for travel related expenses, we will need original receipts or invoices showing the amount to be paid and details of each expense.  Non-employees are subject to the same travel regulations as employees.

How can I pay for lodging or registration fees if I do not have a credit card and a cash advance is denied?
We have learned that some hotels have changed their business practices and are not accepting checks at the time of arrival or departure.  They are now requiring checks for the payment of lodging at least 10 business days in advance of check-in.  Due to this policy change and the increased number of requests for advance hotel payments and rush payments before travel dates; we are establishing a new procedure to reduce the risk of hotels not accepting our checks.  To ensure that faculty and staff receive their lodging check in a timely manner, Accounts Payable must receive the request and all appropriate backup documentation at least 14 business days in advance of the travel date or the request may be returned to you.  If returned, you will need to pay for the lodging cost out of pocket and submit a reimbursement request upon your return. Fill out and submit a Payment Request made payable to the hotel or hosting facility for the exact amount of your fees at least 14 business days in advance. Be sure to obtain a confirmation from the hotel showing your confirmation number and amount due.  Submit the confirmation, travel authorization and a W-9 or W-8IMY for international companies with your Payment Request.  All Payment Requests for employee travel related expenses, including registration fees, must include a Travel Authorization form in order to be processed.  If the payment is for a registration fee only in which an actual invoice cannot be provided and the payment will be mailed, please include an addressed envelope and a second copy of the registration form to mail with the check. Be sure to retain a copy of all of your documentation for your records and please take a copy of your confirmation with you in case of discrepancies.

What documents are required for backup documentation?
In addition to the Payment Request, state purchasing regulations require that we have the following original documents:

  • Invoice
  • Contracted service agreement
  • W-9, W-8BEN (for international individuals) or W-8IMY (for international companies)
  • Student Activity Payment/Reimbursement form (where applicable)
  • Detailed receipts (minus sales tax)
  • Travel Authorization
  • Registration form
  • Agenda and/or itinerary
  • Membership documentation – see ‘What are the guidelines for membership payments?’
  • A roster of attendees (where applicable)
  • Time sheet
  • A signed document of receipt for giveaways
  • Symplicity document (where applicable)  

Why do I need to request a W-9, W-8BEN (for international individuals) or W-8IMY (for international companies) from the Supplier? 
These documents are required to keep us compliant with state purchasing and payment regulations.  We need these documents in order to set up our suppliers in our database correctly by either parent company name and/or  ‘doing business as’ name.   When accepting one of these documents from a supplier, please check to be sure that it is completely filled out and signed and dated.  The classification section of the W-9 tells us if a supplier will need to receive a 1099.  These documents must be on file for auditing purposes as well.

How do I submit invoices for payment that are associated with a purchase order?
All invoices associated with a purchase order should be signed, dated and emailed to Wendy Spears at  To be in compliance with state purchasing policies, the invoices should always be dated after the po date.  Please be sure to submit your purchasing request in a timely manner so that your invoices will always be dated after the purchase order date.  A request for an updated invoice will be made for any invoices received that are dated prior to the date of the purchase order and payment will be delayed until the updated invoice is received.  If a supplier is unable to accommodate our request, we will need an email from that supplier stating the reason why.

What if I only have a statement to submit as backup for a Payment Request? 
Statements only are not sufficient back up and will not be accepted as the sole backup.  Please request a copy of the invoice from the supplier even if it is a past due invoice.

What is the dollar amount limit for payment requests before a purchase order is required?
The limits are posted on the Procurement Services website.

What are the guidelines for membership payments? 
All memberships should be in the university’s name – not an individual’s name so we do not have a gratuity issue.  The name of an individual representative of the university may be listed. 
Exceptions may be granted to obtain a membership in an individual’s name.  An approval from the Dean of that department stating a business purpose is required to have a membership in an employee’s name. 
Memberships to accrediting boards do not need supervisor approval. 
Chamber of Commerce membership dues are not payable from State funds under any circumstances – since it does not qualify as necessary for the operation of an institution (according to Attorney General) Section 19.3 of the BPM.

What do I need to do if I am requesting payment for per diem, honorariums or other services to students or contractors? 
Please have each student worker/contractor receiving monies for services performed sign a completed contract stating the services performed, the dates of service and the amount of payment.  The contract must be reviewed and approved. Please also request an invoice.  Invoices are not required when there is a contract but if the supplier  can provide one, we would like to have that as well.

What if the Supplier is employed at CSU or another BOR unit?
Employees of CSU receiving monies for services above and beyond their normal salary cannot be paid through AP.  They must be paid through payroll or the travel expense module. 

How do I get sales tax removed from my purchase?
You should submit a sales tax exempt form at the time the order is placed.

What is the AP Policy (turnaround) for Payment Requests?
Effective 4/1/17 The processing time required for all payments is dependent on the time the request is received in Accounts Payable.  Payment Requests received by the Accounts Payable office are date & time stamped upon receipt and then processed in the order of receipt within 10 business days, provided all supporting documentation is present. 

Delayed Payments: Please note that Payment Requests submitted without the appropriate documentation will be delayed until the requested documentation has been received.  Payments may also be delayed on occasion due to end of year processing, training of new hires, absences or system failure.  Be sure to plan accordingly and submit your Payment Request as soon as invoices are received to ensure payment in a timely manner. Rush Payments: As a best practice, a rush payment should only be requested when it cannot be handled in any other way (for example, by p-card, ACH or Wire).  Any rush requests must approved by Yousaf Farhat or Megan Davidson and should be of an urgent nature.  Only Payment Requests, which are a true emergency, will be honored.

Please remember to advise your Suppliers of this policy when conveying payment information to them.