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Major Mentor Program

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Whitney Smith
(678) 466-4074

One of the best ways to overcome the challenges of earning your degree is to find support from a peer.

Major Mentors are experienced and knowledgeable Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) students within the College of Business who provides exceptional peer resources about a particular BBA major in the College of Business at Clayton State University.

These students assist mentees, BBA students or students who are exploring majors, with academic support to help meet a student’s needs.


Through the expertise of a well-read Major Mentor Program (MMP) Coordinator and the experience of a group of junior or senior level major mentors, Clayton State University College of Business MMP will prepare the College of Business mentees or students to conquer the challenges they face while deciding on a major or career.


Major Mentor Program is dedicated to create an environment for growth and development of the whole College of Business student to become successful in providing the services, resources, and support needed to confide with his or her major goal or career aspirations.


  1. To assist students transitioning to Clayton State and provide them with resources to aid in major/social/personal/academic exploration.
  2. To assist undergraduate students in the College of Business to achieve high levels of retention and progression towards their degree.
  3. To provide support to students and develop relationships and networks on campus.
  4. Create a peer mentoring program using department appointed COB students who declare a BBA major in an effort to engage pre-business students who are not sure what major they plan on pursuing.
  5. To provide an additional point of contact for the COB pre-business students to gain knowledge of the BBA majors that are offered in our program, the BBA admission process, COB Department Resources, and campus resources in a structured peer mentor format.