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Interfaith Leadership Ambassador Program

The Interfaith Leadership Ambassador Program (ILAP) will equip CSU students with the skills to engage diverse religious and non-religious identities to build a community of respect and mutually inspiring relationships for the Clayton State community.

Following the mission and goals of the Interfaith Youth Core, IFYC, a national organization affiliated with the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, the White House, and the Office of Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan, ILAP will provide opportunities for participants to:

  • acquire skills and knowledge to address issues of values, ethics, and morality.
  • examine the interaction of faith, non-faith, intellectual inquiry, and social responsibility as bases for affirming meaning and satisfaction in life.
  • participate in dialogue between and among representatives of the religious and/or spiritual and the secular.

Upon completion of the program, participants will become Interfaith Leadership Ambassadors able to contribute to a campus interfaith movement built on religious pluralism which is characterized by respect for people’s diverse religious and non-religious identities; mutually inspiring relationships between people of different backgrounds, and common action for the common good. Participants will also become members of the We Are O.N.E. Interfaith Council and active participants in the President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge.

ILAP will consist of five (5)-one hour sessions beginning January 31st through March 28th and ending with an award pinning ceremony on April 12th at the Student Leadership and Involvement Awards.

Interested Clayton State students must complete and submit the ILAP Spring 2018 application by Saturday, January 27th to mailbox #4 in the Student Organization Suite (2nd floor of the SAC) or via email to Applications can be retrieved from outside Campus Life Suite 223 in the Student Activities Center or accessed from the Campus Life website. Selected participants will be notified by  29th.

View ILAP application

ILAP Sessions