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Archival Studies

The Master of Archival Studies Program at Clayton State University provides students with a broad education in archival theory and practice.

Graduates will master the core archival functions, of appraisal and description, arrangement and description, reference and access, outreach, preservation, and management of records in all formats, especially digital formats, in accordance with best practices, law, and professional ethics.

Graduates of the Archival Studies Program will be successful digital archivists who are committed to curating comprehensive, trustworthy collections of records that merit long-term preservation. They will be well-grounded in theoretical knowledge and practical skills of archives. They will understand the impact of technology on the profession and will have the knowledge and skills to work with information technologists and to manage digital information. They will know how to work in a rapidly changing environment, finding innovative solutions to the challenges of digital archives.

The curriculum is founded on the guidelines for archival education published by the Society of American Archivists and the Academy of Certified Archivists.


Master of Archival Studies Program Director

Penelop Cliff headshot

Ms. Penelope Cliff
Program Director of Archives and Information Studies