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Robotics Bowl and FIRST LEGO League

Robotics Lab is developed to enhance the training of our undergraduate and graduate students by increasing their hands-on involvement in our Computer Science research programs.  Specifically, upgrade our capabilities by adding a modern Robotic Design Facility that will allow us to introduce our students to state-of-the-art Robotic design techniques that can be incorporated into some of the computer science courses.

Robotics Lab Projects

  1. The intent is to expose the students to various current technologies in robotics and sensor networks. Teach them organization skills and the need to meet deadlines and work in teams toward a focused specific goal; enable them to bridge the gap between an academic and an industrial environment; work together to solve interdisciplinary problems; and provide them with advanced, up-to-date, hands-on training with robotics and other sensor network systems.
  2. Precision farming is a concept that with technology is now becoming a reality. Gone are the days where farmers have to physically go into the fields and fertilize, tend to, and keep data on their plants. The goal of this research is to develop a precision farming robot that can sense properties of the plants and soil around it and autonomously take care of the crop. Our specific objective is to program a robot to be autonomous.
  3. Autonomous drone system for completing task on hand. Students working on developing application software to control and complete a given task using several drones.
  4. Concepts of Ethorobotics, wherein paradigms are taken from the currently understandings of animal behavior and Hardware and software tools, commercially available, for “intelligent”, distributed systems which allow a nodal architecture (based upon both our best understanding of how brains are organized and “object-oriented programming”). This research is around the distant goal of “Robo Sub-Boat”, a semi-autonomous, unmanned sub-boat. Each submarine boat will be a mobile sensor platform whose energy management, health maintenance, mobility, navigation and other functions will be implemented on a network of nodes. Each node is a hardware unit having a small microprocessor and memory


Lab Coordinator

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Mr. Christopher Morgan
Lab Coordinator