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Bachelor of Arts in English
with Concentrations in Writing, Literature, and Secondary Education

Bachelor of Arts in English
and Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Combined Degree Program

English Majors are Uniquely Prepared for:

  • Careers in media, education, marketing, professional writing, and more
  • Graduate studies, such as library science and creative writing
  • Professional schools, such as law school and medical school

English, BA

Our students gain the foundation to thrive and to be creative, imaginative thinkers and problem-solvers, and to participate effectively in an ever-changing, information-based society. Because these skills are in high demand, our graduates have found careers in teaching, technical/professional writing, editing, publishing, advertising, public relations, and nonprofits, as well as in business, marketing, financial services, and banking. Others have pursued advanced degrees in literature, professional writing, law, medicine, teaching, and business administration.

 Undergraduate Programs: Bachelor of Arts in English

Throughout their coursework, students will learn to understand multiple perspectives, make connections across disciplines, and critically evaluate, interpret, and synthesize information from various sources. Furthermore, students will learn to read critically, write effectively, think analytically, work collaboratively, apply technology, and communicate clearly. Students will have the opportunity to practice these skills as they work with professors on research projects or as they participate in one of the internships hosted by our department in producing the Cygnet (our literary magazine), publishing Connections (our First-Year Writing textbook) or The Vibrant Voice (our newsletter), or writing for social media.

  • Traditional (in-person and online) and fully online programs
  • Three concentrations—Literature, Writing, and Secondary Education
  • A Minor in English is also available to students from all other majors
  • A badge in Professional Writing Proficiency

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Mary Lamb

Dr. Mary Lamb
Department Chair