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Graduates with a BA in history have several options including entry-level positions in history- related fields, graduate study in history, and solid liberal arts preparation for a variety of public service, business, writing, and education careers. The study of history has traditionally provided a strong background for graduates who go on to law school. Yet history degrees are versatile, viable, and valuable. Among the top skills that today’s employers want are written and oral communication, solving problems, analyzing data, and obtaining and processing information. History majors develop those desirable skills.

History majors at Clayton State have an experience unique in the nation because no other institution of higher learning has a state archives and a regional national archives located immediately adjacent to campus. Clayton State students will have the opportunity to conduct research in these facilities, and internships in either facility are possible.

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  1. Discuss historical findings in clear and coherent presentations.
  2. Perform historical research using primary and secondary sources in libraries, archive, and other repositories of historical events.
  3. Identify and evaluate conflicting historical interpretations of events and personalities
  4. Write in a clear, analytical and organized manner, demonstrating appropriate professional documentation methods.
  5. Identify and critically evaluate primary and secondary historical sources.
  6. Identify and describe basic chronologies of US and world history.


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Adam Tate

Adam Tate
Professor of History, Chair