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Minor in Physics

The objectives of the physics minor are to provide a stronger background in the physical sciences for chemistry majors, math majors and other majors, and to provide preparation for the workplace and graduate or professional schooling.

Minor in Physics Frequently Asked Questions

The most compatible major is Mathematics as all PHYS courses will be counted at electives for the Math major. We would also accept the MATH4320 towards the Physics Minor, or our PHYS4216 can be applied towards Math major.

A great compatibility is also with Chemistry (note that you will need to take some extra MATH courses that are not required to complete the Chem major program, like Calc III and Linear algebra). PHYS3650 or PHYS 3213, as well as PHYS3141 can be counted towards the Chem major. Or we will accept the CHEM3411-3412 instead of PHYS3141-3650 towards the Phys minor.

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Careers in Physics | careers guide

A step-by-step guide to physics careers that align with your interests, talents, and values — and how to build a successful road toward them.

What You Can Do With a Physics Degree

What Can You Do With a Physics Degree? - US News & World Report

Physics degree recipients graduate with highly marketable skills in math, data analysis and predictive modeling, often finding lucrative employment in the business world.

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Best Jobs and Career Advice for Physics Majors | Glassdoor

The American Physical Society (APS) describes the skillset that physics majors cultivate: “Given that physics is one of the broadest scientific disciplines, in the course of receiving a physics degree most students develop expertise with a great variety of scientific instruments and techniques. These kinds of ‘hard skills’ are what make physicists so attractive to employers in physics ...

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30 Jobs for Physics Majors (Plus Salary Info and Duties) | - Indeed Career Guide

If you are a student considering majoring in physics, there are several career opportunities that a degree in physics can make available to you. Physics is a rigorous course of study, making it a field of the hard sciences that is not a strong suit for everyone. If you are interested in and excel at physics, this can thus be a broad field of career opportunity.

In this article, we discuss several different jobs for physics majors with salary information and common job duties.

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