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Facilities Master Planning

Executive Summary

Clayton State University has evolved from a small junior college opened in 1969 to become a University that offers graduate degrees in select programs. It has likewise expanded by adding several new buildings to the campus landscape to accommodate its ever-growing population of students. The University will continue to grow and therefore must address issues of space and meeting the needs of the students, and this is the purpose behind the Master Plan Executive Summary. The Summary takes into consideration the current and expected needs of the campus, and Sasaki has carefully studied enrollment trends, parking needs, available housing, sustainability, and the topography of the campus to develop this forward-thinking plan

Input has also been provided by stakeholders in the local community, and therefore the plan looks beyond the limitations of the current campus boundaries. It also builds upon the unique beauty of the campus, including its tree-lined paths, lakes, and landscaping. The Plan acts as a guide for property acquisition and campus construction and growth, and it will help decision makers plan the future of the University.

Executive Summary (PDF)

Facilities Master Planning Committee (PDF)

Sasaki Team (PDF)

Master Planning Schedule (PDF)

Master Planning Process (PDF)