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The purpose of Clayton State University Signage and Wayfinding Advisory Committee is to support and maintain a welcoming campus image and improve the on-campus experiences for students, employees, and visitors through a uniform signage and wayfinding system. The program is guided by standards set forth in the University’s Campus Signage and Wayfinding manual.

The primary responsibility of the Advisory Committee is for compliance with campus aesthetics and appropriateness of visual impact on campus and present the advisory committee’s recommendations to the VP of Business & Operations. This committee does not provide an authoritative decision of the submission, or review of mechanical, electrical, structural, security, or safety matters. If such reviews are deemed necessary, they will be included in the committee’s recommendations.

Goals and Objectives

  • To provide a cohesive, aesthetically appropriate, comprehensive system to simplify the process of maintaining signage and wayfinding on campus.
  • To preserve and complement the built environment of Clayton State University campus, by utilizing signage that is respectful of and not damaging to the existing architectural character.
  • To eliminate visual clutter and the proliferation of multiple, inconsistent signage systems.

Signage and Wayfinding Procedures

  • The Signage and Wayfinding Advisory Committee will open for request submissions once a year for two weeks, if needed.
  • Scheduled presentations should contain a brief description of the request along with supporting documentation and photos.
    • Illustrations adequate to show the proposed request, location, design, materials, etc., should be included.
  • The Advisory Committee may:
    • Support the request without recommendations
    • Support the request with recommendations such as:
      • Alternate design suggestions
  • The Advisory Committee does not:
    • Make the final decision
    • All recommendations are presented to the Vice President of Business & Operations

Campus Signage Report

View the Campus Signage Report 2015

2024 Signage Report - In Progress

Timeline Process

  • Open for submissions - October 3
  • Final due date for submissions November 1
  • Schedule presentations- the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving week
  • This would be the one time per year we review requests.

Submit Signage Request

Committee Members

  • Charles Bridges
  • Erin Fender
  • Dawn Krieger
  • Betty Momayezi