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Records Management


The goal of Records Management is to promote and ensure the proper retention and disposal of records to satisfy the legal, fiscal and administrative need of the University and to assist the staff and faculty with record management issues. Records Management also provides storage for semi-active and inactive records for all departments in accordance with the Records Retention Schedule of the Board of Regents:, and fulfills the requirements of Georgia statues 50-18-92-94.

Definition of Terms

Active record: A record consulted frequently.

Archives: An area utilized for the permanent storage of valuable records and documents for the benefit of scholars and posterity.

  • Contact the Library at (678) 466-4325 for assistance regarding historical documentation.

Inactive record: A record no longer need in the conduct of current business.

Retention Period: The period of time during which records must be kept before they are either destroyed or stored in an archival area.


The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia has established guidelines, for how long university records should be kept to satisfy federal and state laws, and to comply with external agencies and accrediting entities.

  • Only authorized records storage boxes will be utilized for records management storage.
  • Pack boxes by transferring records to boxes in the same order as they are filed.
  • Number the boxes consecutively starting with number 1 in the upper left front corner of the box.
  • Complete by following all the instructions on the Records Management Control Form.
  • Complete a campus work order to have the boxes sent to the warehouse.
  • Contact Records Management at (678) 466-4251 with any questions or concerns.

Record Control Form

How to Retrieve Records from Storage

To request records from storage the following information is needed:

  • Requesting department, name and phone.
  • Records description, including record name and date.

Records may be requested by telephone (678) 466-4251 or inner-office mail to Facilities Management ). Please allow at least 24 hours from the time of the records request until delivery.

Disposal Action

When records that are stored in Records Management have been retained for the period of time specified on the storage box, Records Management will notify the originating department that destruction of records will take place. Records Management will coordinate with a shredding vendor to have the documents destroyed.

If a department prefers to maintain all their records within their location, then the department will be responsible for contacting the vendor to have their records destroyed.

  • On-site shredding occurs when a truck arrives at your office that is equipped with a shredder on board. All shredding occurs while the truck is on-site.
  • Off-site shredding occurs when a truck arrives on campus, removes the boxes from the department and delivers it to the company’s warehouse to shred there.

In order to receive a quote for shredding services, please contact Records Management (678) 466-4251 for the local vendor contacts in your area.