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Federal Work-Study Student Information

Federal Work Study positions are available in various University departments and off-campus locations. Students can engage in a wide range of activities, such as research assistance, community service, and event support. This diverse selection of opportunities allows students to align their academic and professional interests and pursue their goals effectively.

  • Students must be enrolled in at least 3 credit hours to participate in the work study program

How can I be considered for Federal Work-Study?

To be eligible for the Federal Work-Study program, you need to fulfill certain requirements. These include being accepted into a degree-seeking program, being a U.S. Citizen or eligible non-citizen, and demonstrating financial need through the completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It is crucial to ensure that your FAFSA is complete and accurate. You can fill out the FAFSA online at .

The allocation of the Federal Work Study program is based on a first-come, first-served basis, depending on federal funding availability and the number of students who apply and qualify for positions. The funding for this program is limited, and once it's exhausted, no additional placements will be made.

Returning students who participate in the program must maintain satisfactory academic progress and should not be in default on any Federal Title IV program.

Due to the limited funding and job availability, there is no guarantee that every student will secure a Federal Work Study job.

Please note that international students are not eligible for the Federal Work-Study program. Only U.S. Citizens and eligible non-citizens can participate in this program.

To be eligible be reviewed for Work-Study eligibility, the student must meet the following criteria:

  1. Complete a FAFSA.
  2. Fulfill financial aid verification requirements (if applicable).
  3. Submit an online request.

The Office of Financial Aid will review Work-Study online requests within 3-5 business days of the submission of your survey. Students will receive an email after review, with their status (eligibility or non-eligibility) from Clayton State University Financial Aid Work-Study. 

Federal Work-Study Eligibility Review Survey

Students who meet the federal requirements to be offered Work Study funds will receive a Work-Study Certificate of Eligibility via email. After you have been offered Work Study funds:

  1. Contact Career Services and submit your Work-Study Certificate of Eligibility
  • Visit Career Services in Edgewater Hall; Office Hours Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. 


  • Send your resume and Work Study Certificate of Eligibility to specifying your interest in work-study.  A Career Service Specialist will contact you.
  1. Log into Laker CareerZone using your CSU credentials and apply for any work study position that is available.

During their scheduled class hours, students are not permitted to work.

Throughout the academic year, students can work up to 19.5 hours per week, which includes Spring Break, unless otherwise specified in the Work-Study Agreement.

To ensure compliance with the regulation, students should not work more than six consecutive hours without taking an unpaid, half-hour break. Employers should be mindful of scheduling workers with the required breaks in mind.

Once you secure a Federal Work-Study position, you and your employer will mutually decide on the number of hours you'll work each week. It's important to note that compensation for these positions will be at least the minimum wage. Your employer will provide you with the hourly pay rate for your specific position before you start.

Keep in mind that Federal Work-Study positions are considered temporary employment, and as such, you won't receive fringe benefits such as vacation, sick pay, or holiday pay.

You must be enrolled in at least three hours to participate in the work study program. The maximum amount you may work is 19.5 hours. You are paid every two weeks by direct deposit.

Clayton State University Centralized Payroll Schedule

Students are paid depending on the job title and job classification assigned by the employer. The current pay rate is $11.00-$18.00 per hour.

Both the employer and the student should monitor the student’s Federal Work-Study award. Students may not be paid from Federal Work-Study funds beyond their Federal Work Study award.

If a student becomes ineligible for payment under the Federal Work-Study program (the student has already earned his/her Federal Work-Study award, worked more than the hours allowed), the employer will be responsible for 100% of the student’s wages.