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Board of Trustees

Executive Committee Members

David Worley

Mr. Dave Worley

Helen McSwain

Ms. Helen McSwain​
*Proposed Vice-Chair/Chair Elect

Patty Whaley

Ms. Patty Whaley
Chair of Finance Commitee

Tom Bowen

Mr. Tom Bowen
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer

Mr. Jeff Adams

Mr. Jeff Adams
Chair of Investment Committee

Ms. Bonnie Wilson

Ms. Bonnie Wilson
Chair of Committee of Trustees

Mr. Ronnie Chance

Mr. Ronnie Chance
Chair of Development Committee

Mr. Jack Hancock

Mr. Jack Hancock
Immediate Past Chair




*to be voted on at the Fall full board meeting

Trustees Members

  • Mr. James M. Baker, III
  • Dr. Subrahmanya Bhat
  • Ms. Gayle Cabrera
  • Ms. Lata Chinnan
  • Dr. Tim Crawford
  • Ms. Pam Davis
  • Mr. Victor Gaines, II
  • Mr. Bruce B. Gant
  • Mr. Randy Hayes
  • Mr. Fredrick Hicks
  • Dr. Cephus Jackson
  • Ms. Audrey King
  • Mr. Robert W. Lee
  • Ms. Dana Lemon
  • Mr. Leonard Moreland
  • Mr. Ken Palmer
  • Mr. Robert (Trey) Inman Ragsdale, III
  • Dr. Paddy Sharma
  • Mr. Joe Uhl
  • Mr. Michael Vigil
  • Dr. Feroze Yusufji
  • Dr. Thomas Hynes, University President
  • Dr. E. Joseph Johnson, Faculty Representative
  • Ms. Crystal Billingslea, Alumni President

Emeritus Members

  • Dr. Manolo B. Apanay
  • Judge Stephen Boswell
  • Mr. Chuck S. Conklin, II
  • Ms. Claire H. Crumbley
  • Ms. Starr S. Helms
  • Ms. Lucy Huie
  • Mr. Booker T. Izell
  • Mr. Ernest M. Miller
  • Mr. Allan Vigil