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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board exists to help the School of Nursing achieve its mission by providing advice to nursing leadership and faculty as they strive toward the continuous improvement of quality education. 

Purpose:  Provide advice to the School of Nursing about trends in nursing industry to include job placement and development. The advisory board also assists with the evaluation of program effectiveness, program advocacy, and overall support of the nursing program.  The board consists of nursing representatives and community partners/leaders that assists the university with achieving its overall mission and goals.

Mission: Consistent with the mission statement of Clayton State University, the School of Nursing is committed to providing comprehensive nursing education to residents from a diverse range of ethnic, socioeconomic, experiential, and geographical backgrounds.  The following essential considerations inform and guide the programs offered by the School of Nursing:

  • increasingly complex global context of contemporary life;
  • promoting community-based, active, experiential learning;
  • continuous education for teaching, scholarship, and growth;
  • promoting health and human development of the global community in transition;
  • providing high quality educational services and innovative teaching strategies for the development of competent, caring, and committed professional nurses;
  • developing programs which incorporate innovative health care and educational technologies;
  • maintaining standards of professional nursing practice that recognize and value the social, economic, ethnic and cultural diversity of individuals as central to the promotion of health and human development.
  • promoting collaborative, interdisciplinary practices models.

The Advisory Board has identified four priorities for 2022: 

  • Opportunities to promote the school
  • Partnerships/collaborations
  • Networking opportunities
  • Assist with achieving the goals of the institution

Active Advisory Board/Community of Interest Members

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Dr. J. Dwayne Hooks, Dean, College of Health

Dr. Elicia Collins, Assistant Dean, School of Nursing

Dr. Victoria Foster, Director of Undergraduate Programs

Dr. Michelle Nelson, Director of Graduate Programs

Dr. Mark Bradshaw, Physician, Resurgia Health Solutions

Kimberly Booker, Chi Eta Phi, Practicing Professional

Paula Butts, Chief Nursing Office, Piedmont, Piedmont Henry Hospital

Patrick Chen, Interim Clinical Supervisor for the Cardiac/Telemetry, Piedmont Henry Hospital, Practicing Professional, Former Undergraduate Student

Karen Copeland, Chief Nursing Officer, Anchor Hospital, Universal Health Services, Inc.

Chelsea Folds, Good Shepherd Clinic Executive Director

Gloria Giordano, Manager of Nursing Programs, Piedmont, Piedmont Fayette Hospital

Evon Goodman, Nurse Professional Development Educator Generalist - Acute Care, Wellstar Spalding Regional, Practicing Professional

Dr. Connie Hampton, Atlanta VA Medical Center, Associate Director Nursing/Patient Care Services

Mr. Lawvigneaud Harrell, Principal, Morrow Middle School

Merry Heath, Chief Nursing Officer, Piedmont, Piedmont Fayette Hospital

Janie Hinton, Chief Nursing Officer, Southern Regional Medical Center

Dr. Linda O’Sullivan, Dekalb County Board of Health, Practicing Professional

Lisa Page, Good Shepherd Clinic Administrator

Dr. Quetina Pittman, University of West Georgia School of Nursing, Faculty Member

Dr. Pamela Pitts, Executive Director of Career, Technical and Agricultural Education, Clayton County Public Schools