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Parking Fees and Fines

Clayton State University Parking fines are assessed as follows.

(NOTE: Fines are subject to change without prior notice. Check with the Parking Services Office for accurate, up-to-date information.)

For any questions or concerns regarding Parking services, rules, regulations and fees, please contact our NON-EMERGENCY number at (678) 466-4044.


Faculty and Staff Parking Fee Effective Fall 2023

Salary Range

New Fee

Less than $25,000








More than $99,999



Student parking fees are included in tuition & fees paid per semester.  Students taking ONLY online courses, are required to register their vehicle to park on campus at a cost of $10.

1. ADA Parking Violation:

  • $100.00

2. Restricted Parking Violation (UC Parking Lot):

  • $200.00

3. All Other Parking Violations:

  • 1st offense    $30.00
  • 2nd offense   $40.00
  • 3rd  offense    $50.00